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  1. thanks for all your help. today i came back home and my skin was sooo greasy! i was like, omg here we go again.. n yes i heard about having to wait 2 months before starting a 2nd doesage, but what am i meant to do in the meantime? i onestly cantnot handle the way my face and hair feels man..i was truly like,, SO happy on accutane.my skin and hair felt like the 'normal' category. im hating this. my mom and my friends are like 'dont worry dont worry'....how can i NOT worry? do you know how it fee
  2. so sorry to hear this.. thats weird.. are you using any topicals for maintanance since finishing the tane? thankyou ....no i have just use a cleanser with benzyol in it, followed by a oil-free moisturizer. I also take vitamins with vitamin A just like accutane has in it, but it doesnt seem to be working ....i hate it so much
  3. so sorry to hear this.. thats weird.. are you using any topicals for maintanance since finishing the tane?
  4. Well i have just came off my 6month course of acutane. it cleared up ALL my acne, it made my pores much smaller, and it made my skin and scalp not oily. I was loving being on it, and before i started it, i heard about how you could become a little depressed in some cases, or maybe not at all. but to be honest, im not sure if it is linked at all, but i felt FANTASTIC! never depressed at all. ( i suffered depression when i was 13-14 and thought it might come back when i went on acutane) but i actu
  5. Hey all. I been waiting for about a year to get on the orthodontists waiting list, and now i finally am on it and have an appointment in a month. I started accutane 3 weeks ago and i was just wondering if its a bad idea now because i need to get 4 teeth pulled out, aswell as braces. Since i have been waiting sooo long to get to the dentist i wanna go through with it still. what do you think is best?
  6. Thanks alot for your help! My mom is calling the derm today for me to ask him about it. Bit i called her at work n told her wat u told me. She agrees. will they do blood tests, and if it is what u said will i have to come off? i dont want to coz its working really good (for my skin that is) thanks.
  7. Hey im gonna get braces in about a month hopefully but i need some teeth pulled out. ill still be on accutane when i get them. allgud?
  8. I been on accutane for nearlly 3 weeks and i just upped my doseage 3 days ago to two tablets and now my nails have turned reddy! not that white tip part of nails, the actual nail covering skin. its gone reddy/oragne. Is this accutane and why would it be affecting my nails? anyone with info or same experince plz let me know. they were fine on my once-a-day 20g. now im on 40g. whats happening?
  9. Well, coz accutane strips the skin of all its oil, then when your out in the sun or tan beds or whatever, the skin can burn soo fast as there is no natural oil there to protect it. Id just say dont play with fire, ya know.
  10. No problem. We all need that extra bit of support to help ride the rough journey.
  11. well if it takes the scars away thats probably the best, but does anyone really know how to get rid of blackheads, coz ive seen some grown adults with blackhead scars in their noses and i truly dont want this happening to me when im a grown adult.
  12. Ohh, awesome,just the things i wanted to hear! lol thanks a lot. I am also using bio oil at night and just rubbing them into the scars aswell as pits, and honestly, when i look into the light and tilt my face sideways, i can still see them so clearly. Its dreadful. So will accutane start taking the pits away soon, or should i have already had results if any were going to happen?
  13. Hey guys, just generally wanna say a huge THANK YOU for the support and advice that you all give each other and motivate us to stay strong while on accutane, and battling with acne. "ACNE IS THE ENEMY" It has changed my life so dramtically, and because it was so bad it still haunts me, and i feel it still will in the future. I am 16 now, and i had servere acne by the age of 11/12. It was so hard because i felt like 'no one' else had it. I felt like a freak. I lacked so much slef esteem and co