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  1. Helped improve the appearance of my skin in 7 days

    All natural helped clear acne and reduce appearance of hyperpigmentation can stain skin temporarily As many long time acne sufferers, I feel like I have tried every, cream, gel, cleanser, and pill -- including accutane -- on the market. My acne has diminished after one course of accutane but due to its multiple side effects, I refused to do another course of it, and I do still get acne. This week, it was particularly bad my skin was majorly POed at me. I remembered somet
  2. Hey guys! I recently purchased a 1.5 mm dermaroller. On the packaging, it says single use only. I bought it off amazon and contacted the seller about the "single use" label and she said that it's actually FDA policy to have these rollers be single use only so that professionals don't use it on multiple clients and because home users don't have a way to properly sterilize the rolller. Just wondering if any one else has come across the label and whether they have in fact used the roller more t
  3. Olive oil has been used for centuries, the Romans practically bathed in it -- and its no wonder WHY they did this. Olive oil is not only economical it has endless uses. It can be used to soften and add shine to hair, cure dry skin and its full of heart-healthy fats. There are countless other uses and the internet is full with them. Its also a wonderful moisturizer. I know what some of you guys must be thinking -- why on earth would anyone ever directly put olive on on their skin, afterall it
  4. I'm not really sure which one it is (cyst or nodule) but I know it goes down deep under my skin. It's not so much for vanity as it is for discomfort. You see, it's on the back of my thigh and it is highly uncomfortable and painful for me when I sit down -- there was virtually no way for me to put less pressure on it when I was sitting in a desk at school. Any tips for shrinking it down fast? I put a hot washcloth over it for about a half an hour yesterday and applied 10% bp on it two times thr
  5. I also am Asian Indian. I used to have very bad acne. Now it's mostly gone (after one course of accutane). But even after accutane I still get some acne, but I don't consider it bad enough to put myself through the torture of accutane again. What I've found out about my skin is: stay AWAY from products that contain benzoyl peroxide. It bleaches my skin and slows down the healing process of both the acne and red marks. What i just recently found that is working like a miracle product for me
  6. That's very true. However, my stance on the matter is that if there's any doubt, it just shouldn't be there. Relying completely on the database is not my intention either, some of it is common sense. Like you're not supposed to use electrical products around water. That's a very obvious "duh" but the warning might not be there if someone hadn't done it. Which is also like the list of toxic ingredients, an ingredient would not be on the list if it was shown not to be harmful. I've also look
  7. There is currently a lack of enforcement and regulation by the FDA. And it's not just makeup! Its overall skin care, hair care, eye care, nail care, baby care, and oral care. Hundreds of ingredients that are proven to cause or influence diseases as serious as cancer could be in your everyday products. This is a cause for concern. You, as a consumer, have the right to know what kind of products you are using. Just what are those long-named ingredients, and more importantly, what do they do? Fin
  8. Its not a good idea to do anything for your red marks while on tane. Your skin becomes VERY sensitive and fragile. Using other products while on tane can increase the dryness and irritation. Plus, you've also just started. They might fade while you're still on tane. And if they don't you'll still have months afterward to think about your choices. Your skin actually stays fragile and weaker for 1 or 2 years. Plus my derm found that her patients looked 5 times better 5 or 6 months after their
  9. No, its actually not that bad at all. ACV is a acid, and Baking Soda is a base. So, basically you'd be neutralizing the acid with the base and you'd just get plain old water and some salt if mixed in the right quantities. So..it wouldn't hurt you. But you wouldn't get any of the effects of AVC and baking soda. So, just don't do it
  10. be VERY, VERY careful when taking vitamin A supplements - in fact, i recommend you don't take them at all. Vitamin A is basically what accutane is; when people are on accutane they are monitored VERY closely - every month, before a new prescription for accutane you have to get blood tests. Vitamin A can practically destroy you liver and kidneys when taken in high amounts. Its okay if you take them. Just please be careful.
  11. Thats very strange... I'm taking Sotret too and my month one was 20mg too, and all my acne cleared and my spots are now starting to fade. I'm just starting my second month which is 20mg once a day and then the next say it's 2 a day and the next its just 1 and so on.... I really thought you were supposed to get results at least by the 3 month. Perhaps you should wait a few days and if the acne worsens you should email or call your derm and talk to him/her and ask if its normal. (i know its
  12. Well, its really not too bad. Since you have sensitive skin, you could wash your face with this bar soap called Purpose, it's oil-free and hypoallergenic. You can find it in most drugstores. I'd stop the exfoliation. It's not really necessary, in acne-prone skin it tends to only irritate the skin which can cause more breakouts. So, I'd propose washing with Purpose twice daily, and trying benzoyl peroxide again. Remember not to apply it on the sensitive areas of your skin- the area around y
  13. Yes, actually, hormones play a big part in the texture of your skin. You see, estrogen is the female sex hormone, and it also aids in the smoothness of your skin. Both men and women have this hormone produced naturally in their bodies, however, females have more estrogen and unfortunately, males have more testosterone which increases sebum production and secretion. Now don't think women have it easy because they have more estrogen, because any sudden rise or drop in the normal level of est
  14. Sleep is good for you, so sleep can be good for your skin. Getting enough sleep is linked with stress which can be a major cause of acne. Most creams and gels that are used on the skin are applied at bedtime because while you sleep, your body repairs itself (all the daily damage you do). So what does this mean? It means that bedtime is when your skin cells are the most active, so the medication is MOST effective at this time.
  15. Wow. Your results with ACV sound amazing. I'm a little doubtful about myself though. I've heard this all before, but instead of drinking ACV i used it on my face, and my skin turned an inflamed red, and all of these little tiny bumps erupted all over my skin. Well, needless to say, my experience with ACV has not been the best, but I'm really interested in drinking it. I have moderate acne, but my skin scars very easily, so i have a lot of hyperpigmentation and some shallow pick scars. I'm actu