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  1. Hello! Accutane has a tendency to really dry the skin fortunately for you it's around one area on your face however the nose area is the most susceptible area you could get it. I suggest to drink more water in order to rehydrate the skin. And I've also attached a good product that helps to condition and moisturise the skin. Let me know if you'd be interested in it. Good luck anyways!
  2. Hello there! Well that was quite a read I must admit an as a nutritionist it surely did draw me in! I would say work on your diet a little more, as you are bulking I understand that you have to overeat but due to the fact that you have acne overeating will contribute a minute percentage but not too much. In terms of whey protein I've never been for or against the idea but they are pretty unnecessary so I'd say try a different protein shake of make natural protein shakes (eg. Perhaps bananas, alm
  3. Seems like you e got some build up there but I can't say what's under your eye for sure. You're acne is pretty mild so it's best you find a line/regimen that your comfortable with and stick to it! I'm not a big fan of accutane at all so I'll be bias on the convicting side lol. But I've only got one product line suggestion and that's all and perhaps that would be bias to as I personally sell them. Either way find a regimen and stick to it seriously your acne seems to mild to not be under control
  4. From a nutritionists perspective I would say the only oral medicine that is worth taking is FOOD! So I tend to say don't waste too much time or put too much emphasis on pills of any kinds, even if it does work one day you'll stop using them or they'll stop manufacturing them and than you're back to square one. As as for the moisturiser you have to find one that suits your skin. I have two recommendations for you but I think you should go with a moisturiser for sensitive skin first. I have a s
  5. Heya Russell's I've got a great suggestion if you honestly want to hear it. I use a range from a company which I joined. It's all botanical and pure and it's also pH corrective so that could possibly help aid you in terms of the hormonal acne issue
  6. OnG I used to have the same problem! If you really do want product recommendations I've got an awesome all natural botanical pure and safe line I can suggest and I would also suggest always sleep with a satin pillow case even If it means taking a satin cloth or piece of clothing to put o. The pillow (which I do) as cotton tends to irritate the skin. I tried sleeping on my back but I was close to insomnia like that!
  7. How long have you been using these products for?
  8. Heya it looks like some sort of rash but it could possible be acne arising. If the pharmacy recommended freedom gel than I'm guessing it's something along those lines. Personally I use an acne clearing system along with a set for sensitive skin. If you want I can tell you more x
  9. Ahhh well from what you say your diet seems okay. Perhaps it's the little bits in between that you forget you're eating that's making you're skin go wild. Yeah email me instead if it's possible {EMAIL REMOVED}
  10. I recommend clear future line by Arbonne it's botanical pure safe and pH corrective {LINK REMOVED}
  11. I think your acne looks like it's still quite mild but since you've just developed it you may want to find the best way to tackle it now before it becomes severe. You need to find the best line to use and stick to it as well as making sure what you eat will help to treat it inside out. I can suggest an able line that I've been using and it's worked wonders for me if you'd like
  12. It should t take too long. Don't stress too much about it. The more you focus all your energy on it the slower you'll feel it's going. You can probably try a spot on treatment in the mean time if you really can't be patient. In which you just apply whatever treatment you wish to us directly on the spot. That's what I've done before
  13. I haven't but if it sounds to extreme and overwhelming to you than I'd suggest to follow your heart and not get involved with it. I can suggest something more botanical and less extreme if you're interested
  14. Ahhh and how are they doing for you at the moment? Because I use the clear future acne range along with this genius nightly resurfacing pads from {LINK REMOVED} (that's my consultants website) on my skin all with botanical and pure ingredients that's pH corrective on my skin and my acne (mild) has pretty much all gone, my face has brightened and my acne brown spots left over are slowly fading. So I'd literally tell you to give that a go but it's whatever you feel would suit you best. hows your d
  15. In general they will calm over time. Perhaps try to drink more water and potentially take some zinc supplements as they are high in antioxidant and I strongly suggest using a product called genius nightly resurfacing pads by Arbonne ({LINK REMOVED}). This has helped me in more ways than one (+ the 'clear future' acne skincare range)