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  1. I have officially quit the regimen also. I've been on the regimen for 6 months with extraordinary results; During the last 3 months I never had one zit. So why am I quiting the regimen? Benzoyl Peroxide made my acne scars extremely pronounced and red. I had a constant red hue to my face, and my face felt medicated and dead all the time instead of healthy. I've decided to go the Lac-hydrin 5--jojoba oil route only and so far my face is glowing and my scars have faded significantly. I have had bre
  2. I've been on the regimen for 6 months you guys. As anyone can attest to on this board if you give the regimen 3 to 4 months of strict use then you will notice that you will never come on this board or website near as much as you're used to. Reason: RESULTS. I used to visit this site every day. Now it's every two weeks, and that's only because I want opinions on the health of the skin and when Dan is going to release his moisturizer. At the end of the 3 month period flakiness was suddenly non
  3. Funny! I'm the same way. Whenever I drink from the water fountain at work I become excessively paranoid, because I feel as if the benzoyl peroxide is becoming deactivated or diluted. My thought now is that the benzoyl peroxide, after awhile, absorbs so deeply in the skin that it would take a large amount to dilute it. By the way, I'm on my 13th week of the regimen. No breakouts since January 3rd. Feels great. That three month mark is like a milestone for recovery.
  4. I was extremely frustrated with the regimen also. I would write daily in my log that this regimen is not working and that it will never work to make me clear. But, exactly at the three month mark on my calendar, I became completely clear! No new spots for 3 weeks now. It's odd, I think that the mild drying effect of the benzoyl peroxide is advantageous in the prevention of cohesion of skin cells. And that it takes a certain period of time before the skin arrives at a point where the old skin cel
  5. The things people take for granted huh? All my friends will be waking up on Christmas morning to perfectly flawless skin, yet they have rejected career opportunites and have wasted away college scholarships. I would completely change my life if I no longer had acne. So unfair. At least we're alive. That's a positive.
  6. I noticed that the Aha lotion is very liquidy. Does anyone think that using an almost liquid moisturizer reduces the potency of the Benzoyl Peroxide? When I apply the benzoyl I want it to stay under my skin, but when I moisturize I can't help but feel that the moisturizer is bringing the BP back to the surface and spreading it to other areas of my face that don't have acne. Is the Bp well entrenched in the skin?
  7. I think another reason why rubbing the bp in is so important is because it gives the bp an opportunity to release oxygen directly into the pore. If left on the skin to absorb, the oxygen released by the bp just goes into the air. I've been on the regimen for 5 weeks now with good results, but since I've been actually been sliding and letting the bp absorb into my skin, it's been about a week since I've been doing this, I've noticed that really deep pustules have been finally been coming to the
  8. I have a really hard whitehead right below my bottom lip. I can literally feel it on the inside of my mouth with my tongue. It has been there for 3 weeks now. I'm actually wishing that it will turn into a pustule so that it can drain and go away. How do I get rid of this sucker? Hydrocloric acid?
  9. I thought I heard a lot of people say that the jojoba oil facilitates absorbtion of bp.
  10. It seemed to me that in the videos Dan was getting proper bp absorption, but it didn't seem like he was getting enough benzoyl peroxide. It looked like it was getting absorbed into his hands considerably and was being spread thinly. Is this all it really takes? And is it good to be touching your face with your hands for minutes at a time?