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  1. giving for the sole reason of expecting something in return defeats the whole purpose of giving
  2. i couldnt take it in college any more, i had too many emotional and personal problems due to acne that i just quit in my 3rd year.
  3. leafs got killed last nite, i dont like this "new" nhl, the rules make this game look like a school yard pick up game... . youd never see these kinda scores before HAH HAH no way. i'm probably the LEAST like that of anyone. Too geeky I'm just a girl trying to make a living doing admin stuff too bad , i was gonne ask oyu for some stock tips..
  4. are you one of those micheal douglas from wall street types?
  5. im a web developer for a small company , it took me lots of time to find a job i liked cause my acne got in my way
  6. I want a girl that will make me feel like life is worth living
  7. jason makes good products, i use their shampoos and love em. tell me where you bought that aloe vera gel? ive been looking for it but with no luck.