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  1. Hey Mrs.! How are you? I've been away for months. My work travel schedule has been tremendous this year. I've logged over 8K air miles since Jan. I didn't get in to see my derm in January, so my treatment is off by a month. I'll probably go until June. I'm now up to 80 mgs a day and trying to monitor my hair for signs of shedding as I don't want to repeat my previous experience. Is your blood work still coming out okay? Hope all is well for you.
  2. I haven't tracked my progress on Accutane in sometime. I am still on it because I missed the entire month of January due to not being able to get in to see my derm. Darned iPledge program! Oh well. I resumed treatment in February, but stopped it when I left for my Jamaican vacation at the end of the month. I'm back on it now and am now on an 80 mg. dosage. 20 mgs higher than the last time, even though I weigh about the same. My skin has been clear for months though and I am glad. My hair seem
  3. Hey Mrs. N - I'm a firm believer in if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I tend to experiment a lot. Try to push the boundaries. The Beta Serum doesn't sting if you don't have raw spots. I think your dosage is so high now that anything more will definitely irritate you. Accutane thins the skin and makes so sensitive. I can totally see why Ben-Gay would make you see stars. I've never used Cetaphil before. Is it like a thick cream? Do you use the cleanser too? Duh, I guess I should read your signatur
  4. Hi there Jennie! You may have gotten yours already, but many purge later in treatment. It wasn't so bad for me. I had several eruptions, but what amazed me is that they cleared up so quickly. I was in shock one morning because I'd been so clear, but almost as soon as they arrived, they clear up and things were smooth sailing after that.
  5. I was completely clear for 3 1/2 years and just started my second course on Dec. 1.
  6. Good luck to you! I started my second round on Dec. 1. My skin's lookin' good right now too. IB is common around 6 weeks, so let's hope neither of us has to experience that. Here's to good skin!
  7. I've missed a few days, but today is Day 20. My lips are SO CHAPPED!! So much more than the first time I took it and I was on it during the cold months then too. I don't know why this time is different. My beloved Aquaphor isn't doing all that it did before. I keep them well lubed all day and overnight. When I get up in the morning, they are a slimy peeling mess. I also have a tiny tear on the side of my mouth. I am such a lip gloss/lipstick girl and funky looking lips don't work well with eit
  8. Hey Mrs. N, I lost weight on Accutane the first time out. I'd read somewhere that a Vitamin A overdose, which is theoretically what Accutane is, can cause a loss in appetite and subsequent weight loss. I lost about 10 lbs, which made me look anorexic as I was close to 100 lbs and I'm 5'5". I also never worried about having a high fat meal with my pills...I took and always take them with my breakfast, which is usually a hot cereal like Cream of Wheat or oatmeal or pancakes or waffles. So glad
  9. Day 17 ~ My lips are so dry. I think I'm going to have to leave the Listerine alone. Normally use it twice a day, but it seems to irritate my lips. I don't remember this probably last time, and I was wearing braces then. These little kernels of oil are falling out of my face now, especially around my nose. That's a very good thing. Other than being dry, everything's going quite well.
  10. Day 13 - I have a small pimple at my hair line. It is really tiny, but I have a feeling that if I don't open up the pore and expel the contents, it will get bad later. So I will be getting out the Tweezerman and taking care of business before I go to bed tonight. Headaches have subsided. Lips are very dry. Eyes are doing well. My nose was a bit dry, but saline nasal spray does the trick. I'm sure as it gets colder here in Michigan, I'll have a little emergency pack of nasal spray, eye drops and
  11. You are too kind, Mrs.N. I'm sure part of it is having super oily skin for years, the other is my parents who don't look to be in their 60s. LOl! My son's first round was from November 2004 until May 2005. He was crystal clear for his senior pictures in August 2005, then a month later, all hell broke loose. We went back trying all kinds of topicals and antibiotics and it only got worse. He'd have so many cysts and pustules on top of one another, plus dark spots from the previous ones that his s
  12. Oh Mrs. N, you've had a lot going on here lately. I do hope your back is better really soon. And that all goes well with the bloodwork. I lost a lot of weight the first time out on Accutane. It felt great. I'm hoping for the same this time around. How much Milk Thistle are you taking?
  13. Thanks so much for checking in with me Mrs. N! Yep, that's me. Thanks for the compliment. MSM and Biotin help with the hair loss. Since I can't swallow those giant hair growth horse pills they sell at GNC and Trade Secret, I make my own concoction. I also take B-complex to balance out the Biotin. And everything's going smoothly so far. The HA is a light moisturizer that has a great water retention capacity so it good for sealing moisture in the skin. I like it because it helps heal those red
  14. Day 7 ~ Everything's going smoothly. Was a little dry in the corners of my mouth last night, but nothing Aquaphor couldn't cure. My samples of hyaluronic acid and Vit. C serum arrived from MUAC. I'm going to try the serum tonight and see how my skin reacts. I really want the marks on my cheek to go away. Skin on my face feels SO SMOOTH. Why is it you crave what you can't have? I so badly want to open a bottle of wine when I get home and sip a glass over dinner. I don't want to do anything
  15. Day 6 Eyes are doing fine today. Not overly dry yet, despite the cold weather. No new breakouts either. I am worried about scarring though. Accutane makes your skin take longer to heal and I'm very worried about some cuts I got over the weekend. My drugs from Thailand arrived yesterday. I'll keep using the Isotrex and the Eryacne, especially on the left cheek, until it peels and reveals smooth, perfect skin.