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  1. hi, my derm also told me the same, don't use any moisturiser/creams, only used it when the skin is dry because if not it will just cause break outs. for sunblock i used the gel type not the cream make ups only powder type (which cannot conceal the dark hyperpigmentation)
  2. thanks for the response, im using aha products now, hope it works :)
  3. Hi, got a terrible break outs last november, most are now dried out but it leaves lot of marks on my face (i cannot hide it since my dermatologist told me not to used any creams like bb cream, concealer, etc, i can only used powders) . i would like to know if this hyperpigmentation will fade slower on an asian skin. any product recommendation? besides the sunblock gel ,im currently using rexsol, before i used bioderma but it seems to be not working that much. below are the photos: thank y