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  1. Don't wait That's what I did.... I told myself I'll go back out when my acne goes away. Then I told myself I'll go out when my hyper pigmentation goes away. Worst mistake of my life , One, I still have hyper pigmentation and two by the time It did get somewhat better developed OCD & BDD and have very high anxiety In public . I'm not saying you will turn out that way but It's possible. My case was a little extreme....I avoided going out AT ALL COSTS , If you can roll through a drive th
  2. hmm i was going to start taking these , But with all the reviews on how it causes acne and how sensitive my skin is not sure it's worth the risk this sucks
  3. What should I Drink with meals? I'm not on any strict or special diet....Not tons of junkfood or anything , I eat some chips & maybe some cookies here and there. But I didn't breakout before when I was drinking all of that with diff kinds of pop. Just looking for the connection to why It would start to get worse with just water and no other liquids
  4. Lately I've been trying to drink only water through out the day & with meals....I'm about a week in and starting to get little breakouts and my skin looks worse in general. Def not the results I'm looking for with just drinking water Is there a reason why it's happening ?
  5. thanks for the info i'd like to know what your derm said about it
  6. i have dry flakey skin on my face...the worse area is around my nose...where u can actually take your finger and scrape it off anyway i've been going to get laser treatment done the past two months....and he asked me if i was doing anything for that...he suggested head & shoulders...wash 1-2 a week but i'm not sure if i should get a certain kind or what?....pharmacy...of the shelf anyone know?
  7. Go and don't drink....All the beer i've ever had is nasty , I'm pretty sure some high schoolers won't have top notch beer (whatever that is) or any other more expensive alcohol that would actually taste good.
  8. yall cold but of course they would....why? well look at the name of the site , there are couples from the site that have hooked up...don't know exactly how that works , maybe go into the off topic section and spit game
  9. I don't know anything about the treatment , But i am about to get one i think As far as your question....I think that one dude already answered it in one of your other threads
  10. Err why you making it more confusing than it already is maann lol I don't have spots really.....Like i can't go into the mirror and point out each little mark like some can. I have more of like patches of discolored skin , I wouldn't even say it's red...More light pinkish. In the worst lighting or mirror it looks horrible , Like the light from the sun or wherever makes it look shiny Add to the fact that i'm pale as **** don't really help the cause. But i don't want to get a tan and prolong