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  1. Hi everyone.. just wanted to post another update now that it has been over a year since I started the Regimen. I am so happy with the results! My skin is clear almost all of the time, with only one or two small lesions every so often that are hormone related. Even still, they are hardly inflamed, and resolve quickly. Although it took at least 6 months, my skin finally hardened up to the BPO and I am no longer dry, flaky, or red. I no longer feel self-conscious or fret over my skin. I frequently
  2. Month 5 (week 20) update: Current routine: AM: Cleanse - 1 pump BPO - 1 pump moisturizer + 2-3 drops jojoba oil + sunscreen PM: Cleanse - 1 pump BPO - 1 pump moisturizer + 4-5 drops jojoba oil + 1 pump AHA I can't believe how time is flying! Part of the reason this update is so delayed is because I don't have too much to report these days! I don't want to speak too soon, but I think I can call myself a Regimen success story. The results are second only to Accutane, and I've tried almost ev
  3. Thanks for your kind reply, DeLovely :). I think I've reconciled with the fact that my skin will never be perfect. As you say, as long as I can reduce the symptoms to the point where my self-confidence is no longer as badly affected, I'm OK with that. Even the dryness is becoming more tolerable and I hope it keeps going in that direction. Appreciate the support!
  4. Hello everyone, I'm about halfway through week 12 now and doing relatively well. Here's what I'm currently doing: AM: cleanse - 1 pump BPO - 1 pump moisturizer + 5-6 drops jojoba oil PM: cleanse - 1 pump BPO - 1 pump moisturizer + 8-10 drops jojoba oil I discontinued the AHA because our weather here is warming up and I don't want to risk burning. The other nice thing about warm weather is that it has improved my dryness. I'm still dry but instead of huge flakes and tightness, there are
  5. Hi all! I am almost through week 9 - past the 2 month mark! Here's what I'm doing currently: AM: cleanse - 1 pump BPO - 1.5 pump moisturizer + 5-6 drops jojoba oil PM: cleanse - 1 pump BPO - 1.5 pump moisturizer + 8-10 drops jojoba oil + pea sized amount of AHA So I tried a bunch of things to deal with the flaking, including CeraVe lotion, Cetaphil cream, and Vaseline. None of those worked. In a bit of desperation I tried the AHA again. For the past week I've been using a pea sized amount
  6. Thank you, Jazzguy, for your kind reply! My post wasn't the most positive thing I've ever written; I'm glad to hear that it could provide something of benefit to others. Thanks for the moisturizer recommendation, I will read up on epiology!
  7. Thanks for passing by! I wasn't sure whether I wanted to post, but the Regimen is a tough system to stick with and I could use the support of others here. I just finished my 7th week. This is somewhat of a last resort and I have seriously considered giving up on treating my skin at all. I could write a short novel on my treatment history. Since the age of 15 (I'm now 29), I have been on oral meds (isotretinoin, minocycline, tetracycline, Yaz oral contraceptive, Ortho Tricyclen oral contraceptive