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  1. adult acne really sucks.. especially when you look around and everyone has clear skin, like its never even been an issue or something they had to deal with. i really thought i would have outgrown it by now. i had a period of a year of good skin, but now im having one of the worst breakouts ever, and its just on one side of my face. im so embarassed i cant be myself because of it
  2. I'm looking to the community for help. I've been dealing with acne since high school (I'm 24 now). Sometimes itll get really bad sometimes itll be gone for months other than a small pimple here and there. One thing I have noticed though, in the past year and a half to 2 years every pimple (almost) has pus in it. I used to get just red pimples but now I see a red pimple then 2 days later the whole surface is covered in pus. It's very unsightly and I dont know why this keeps happening. I thought a
  3. wow. your story is really inspiring. i can really relate to it! thankyou =) and i definately agree that worrying about acne doesn't help a bit. but i do have a problem of worrying about it =/ thankyou! keep posting :)

  4. okay this is getting ridiculous on your part... let me tell you as a guy, when a girl is flirty or i have a good time with her i will usually ask her to hang out.. btu sometimes i can be shy, and in that case, i expect a girl to show me interest. i know it may be weird for you, but for him, if he really likes you, it would be awesome if you asked him out... honestly, he may not feel like you like him or he is unsure, so he is playing it safe. secretly he may be wishing you would show something c
  5. best thing to do (i constantly get pustles, all my pimples turn into them due to high stress levels), is to get a lemon chop it up into small slices. when you remove the puss you will kind of have an open wound almost, put a little piece of lemon over it, hold it for 10 mins or so. it may sting a little but its tolerable. what the lemon does is close up the hole, and removes the ability to create a scar. i do this everytime and scar causing acne like this will not leave a scar. the lemon has som
  6. 50 views and nobody is willing to help? anything would help me out. thanks
  7. Hey guys.. I dont usually get cystic acne (I have before but rarely).. anyways I suddenly got 2 on my cheek bone area (I usually have rosacea there and mild acne), btu this time I got two cysts from extreme stress Im pretty sure.. either way, they left 2 big dark marks.. the skin is perfectly smooth where they used to be about 3-4 weeks ago. But the spots are VERY dark and clash with my skintone, and are right in the middle of my face for everoyne to see I can tell the scarring is in the deep t
  8. by solution I mean there is no miracle cure... but there are lots of things that you can do to help When I read this is really put things into perspective for me "In Karma89's signature, he encourages anyone to show him a person who has actually cured their acne with the use of topical medication. I further implore anyone here to show me, and him, someone who has actually had permanent success with topicals."
  9. ^ the point is that once you accept it and stop worrying, the problem will go away... in theory anyways this is what I am working on slowly
  10. I wrote a paper on acne and it's effects on teenagers. The second part of the paper was to create a solution to the problem. Seeing as there is no solution for acne, I have written a little story about how acne has affected my life, and the things I have learned along the way to help. I'm sure some of you can relate. I know it's a little long but I promise you it will help you if you are an acne sufferer, and hopefully it will open you eyes. If I can help just one person I know it will be worth
  11. Those are known as 'ice pick' scars.. you can get them fixed with laser treatments... you should speak to your dermatologist.. it is expensive though
  12. got it so basically its just a fix to have clear skin for a short period of time what a tease!
  13. i agree.. she does look pretty sexy in that pic lolll
  14. I thought my acne would go away (usually get it in phases), but now its come back and it just keeps getting worse.. BP just isnt doing it for me, but I dont think the doc will prescribe be accutane (Dont want to take it anyways just yet). I have these small red bumps all over my forehead and cheeks, looks really bad... just thinking that in inside out cleanse is the way to go aka antibactera pills, such as minocycline. I know it stops working after a few months when your body gets used to it (or
  15. Im front Canada, went to my local health food store and bought organic ACV. I dont think GNC had it but some other place did, forget the name. It was $10 a bottle though. You know what though, its working. I didnt notice anything the first week taking 2 tablespoons night and morning, then I stopped for a week (kinda forgot cause I want really seeing much improvement)... btu then, a couple days after that I started to have nicer skin, redness is gone, and nice and smooth all around my face! Now t