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  1. They are marks that are left after deep scratching due to irritation.. This all happens while I am asleep so I dont know how to control it.. Sometimes I would just wake up from too much irritation in my face and my face would be SOOOO red and irritated and after a while these red marks would turn to dark ones and remain as scars. and it would remain there for a long time.. It looks like the scar left behind by acne but it is caused by scratching only.. What moisturizer do you use? DK's Moist
  2. Hey Nic, thanks for the reply. I am 5 months into the Regimen and I do use AHA sometimes. But it stings alot! Did AHA help you with your redmarks? Ive never tried putting AHA on my scratch marks.. Im afraid it will just irritate it more which will make me scratch more
  3. Good day everyone! I will just get to the point here. The regimen has been working wonders for me and I am clear of acne for 2-3 weeks now. Any new acne can be prevented so quickly and I am so happy about that. My BIG problem is: SCRATCHING SCARS... The BP is too irritating for me when I go to sleep. I put socks on my hands to avoid deep scratching while sleeping but it still leaves scars.. I AM SO HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS OF THE REGIMEN but now I have another mess on my face... They are black sca