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  1. anybody tried it?? incredient is hydrocortisone acetate..I used BP and it left a big red patch so this med is suppose to clear it up..i hope..
  2. anybody tried it? I'm starting it next week.
  3. I just got this today from the derm. I was told to add some water to the pad and then wash your face with it and rinse off and to do this twice a day. Have you had any sucess with it? or has anybody? mine's 6.5%
  4. Instead of putting the shirt on your head just lay it flat on your pillow and lay down.
  5. Thank you!! I tried the baking soda but stopped cuz i didn't think it work but now I'm on bcp so I'll do baking soda again or maybe cetaphil? I don't know. I mean these bumps are better than acne lol. Have any of you tried to remove them yourself?
  6. I use witchhazel and you can also do a milk of magnesia mask.
  7. Hey everyone. I've started using st. ives apricot scrub sensitive/oily skin for the last 2 weeks and I've had all these little bumps I never had before. I think they're whiteheads? They are all in the area between my eyebrow and around my nose. They're pretty big and are not red but flesh colored bumps. Is this whiteheads? and can the salicytic acid be breaking me out? I haven't had any pimples though. Please respond.