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  1. Everything happens for a reason and it all works out in the end. The important thing is to not let your life get de-railed in the process. Relax take a deep breath, enkoy what you do have dream about better times, but don't dwell or wallow on the bad. Soon the bad times go and the good times come. The bad come and go, but if we keep our minds focused on the good times, even during the bad, we'll all make it through unscathed. You're a beautiful young lady and have no reason to fear anything thi
  2. Tell the guidance counselor that you are considereing seaking legal council in the matter. Harrassment is not tolerable in an educational establishment.
  3. I consider scars a badge of honor. A reminder of how strong we can be and what we are capable of going through. Kinda like how people get Tattoos to remind themselves of a tough time so they can remember to be strong and things will be better in the end. With that said I think I'm gonna get a big tatto on my back to cover my acne scarring wich comprises close to 50% of the skin on my back.
  4. BTW keep your eyes on the goal....I got the sense that your goal is to be a parent. I have a 6 year old and a 6month old and truely they are blessings, angels. Parnets need absolutely need to be the best parent they can. Read the boards here, and read how many of the people suffering from depression were abused or neglected, and keep that responsibility in mind. Don't become a mommy for you become a mommy for the child. Keep fighting the good fight.
  5. I'd like to offer some advice if I can. 1st off being at a stage of being suicidal, is not the right time to think about getting pregnant. Being pregnant has a lot of hormonal affects on you which will affect your mood and depression levels...In other words if you are already depressed it is likely that your depression could be enhanced and your urge of suicide could be amplified. The other thing is you will need to be stable to be a parent, and there is the dreaded Post pardom depression kick.
  6. Just keep remembering that they really aren't tryin to hurt you, butthey are so wrapped up in themselves that thery really don't think that it might be hurting you. In fact many of them might think of you as an expert on dealing with it and are probably just fishing for a "Hey don't sweat it you rbeatiful anyway"
  7. The more time you spend thinking about it the worse yo are going to feel about it. Obviously when you come in here you are imersing you self in the acne swimming pool. It is the topic everyone is talking about. You read in the EMO section about all the struggles people are having and eventually you start thinking that you should be concerned about it, it should be something that you hate. IT is worthy of insecurity, all of which isn't true. This sire is important theis section is very importan
  8. Aint that a bitch...I have essentially the same issues. But don't try to warn anyone in here. THey'll sing the praises of accutane and tell you to stop bitchin. I can understand it as I know the want to put the Tane on a pedestal like it is a miracle. But the lasting effects aren't rare and they aren't comfortable. It was developed as chemotherapy to fight cancer for crying out loud of course it is harsh on your system. As a chemical it is nearly toxic.
  9. Nope i aint that type.... i saw her alot and then one day i just said hi when she walked past.The next day she said Hi.Then the day after that it was like a full blown hour conversation.So it was pretty good. And i hear all of you on the love declarations....those arent clever.....whats worse is im a softie...nothing i can do about it Just grow a pony tail and it will be all good. Chicks love "Sensitive Pony Tail Guy".
  10. Are those standards real though or are tehy simply assumed?
  11. You can stop working, going to school hanging out with friends etc..etc.. But life keeps on moving, and no matter how much we hide it really doesn't change how we feel. I know school is different, but in general in the workplace people aren't seeing your skin, they are seeing you for who you are. And wioth those eyes it's hard for people to see much else, they are a touch on the captivating side. Ultimately we have to decide to live our lives, cause calling in sick isn't an option forever.
  12. Yep you are the money. I think people are quick to shoot it down for various reasons. Part of it is because they are naturally defensive. Of course they are defensive, you are defensive about how people have reacted to you. I kind live life like "it is what it is, enjoy it while it's here" but not all people have those tyoes of coping mechanisms. What becomes difficult is people have to be able to face their inner demons. The ones that tell them that they are ugly. They have to be willing to te
  13. In a sense they coincide. I don't think that society has necessarily singled out acne, as acne is suffered by about 85% of all people, but....Society has put an unrealistice perceived emphasis on perfection. They are people that have the current ideals and represent about 5% of people in society, then thyey have airbrushed them, dumped loads of money on fashion, fitness regimes, makeup, hair. Then our own human nature kicks in. We start to think that we need to be like that, but ingeneral if we