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  1. I am planning on posting the beginning photos of my journey with acne tomorrow! + I've also decided to share a brief bio. that I had (until now) failed to post! I am 16 I struggle with moderate-severe acne on my face I love to spread positivity, especially when people are having such struggles with something, like acne, and I am able to give them encouragement and empower them to stay happy and give them encouragement! *note
  2. Before I found this site, I was using a facial scrub (Deep Clean Scrub) from Neutrogena that (once I looked closer at the label) turned out to not even be for acne prevention specifically, but more for exfoliation and anti-shine! I am describing a recent problem I have had in regards to this scrub and why I have switched to a very gentle cleanser. *Keep in mind I had little-to-no knowledge of the proper form of treatment for acne until about a day and a half ago. Apologies regarding any falsi
  3. I went out and bought a facial cleanser, benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) , and a facial moisturizer. facial cleanser: Clean & Clear essentials; foaming facial cleanser for sensitive skin benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) :Neutrogena: On-The-Spot: Acne Treatment; Vanishing Cream Formula facial moisturizer: Neutrogena; sensitive skin; facial moisturizer Going to start these tonight. I am starting a strict regimen of these products according to the directed use twice daily. I am also increa
  4. /Day 1/ will officially start tomorrow when I get some products at the drug store. I am going to try Neutrogena which is what I have been using but I am switching around some the products because of what I have learned! I have been using a face wash scrub that was only irritating my skin more, and didn't contain any salicylic acid, so I'm changing that. I am also currently using the sensitive skin face lotion from Neutrogena which I have liked so I'm going to stick with that. I am, however, look
  5. Just joined! I'm glad that I was able to find a resource which provides such extensive treatment plans and tutorials. I am feeling a bit (quite a bit) overwhelmed as of lately with my acne that I've for so long considered a hopeless cause. However, I now have the steps I need to follow in order to get to what I hope is the right solution to tackle this. Just need to stay positive and consistent! #positivityiskey
  6. Some of these dates to the posts will be off regarding the time that I actually wrote them because I had only been updating my profile status rather than posting them within a blog, Oops.