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  1. I had a strange reaction to cetaphil. It seemed to irritate me and make me face red.
  2. They just ask you loads of questions to narrow things down and find out your lifestyle, to see what you're doing etc. Then they'll take a proper look at your face with a magnifying glass (at least mine did), then they'll talk to you and appropriately prescribe you with something and consult you. Simple really, just like a GP appointment.
  3. Interesting.. and where are you from and what acne fighting product did they prescribe you when they told you to moisturise?
  4. I've been looking.. but trying to find an ACTUAL non-comedogenic moisturiser in this world, is near impossible. Almost every brand slips up somewhere. You'll find a reasonably priced, seemingly perfect moisturiser, then you'll look in its ingredients and somewhere, there's at least one ingredient that the majority of the internet says is highly comedogenic, then you're back to phase one. Dan's felt good, smelt good, but I didn't like the tanned texture it gave my face, and it's from the US, whic
  5. It prescribed me with "pea size" amount, but I find it almost impossible to put that all over my face. In fact, I need a pea size for my chin, one for each cheek, one for nose and one for forehead to even feel like it's on. Otherwise it's seemingly impossible for me to spread it all across my face. Also, I'm still breaking out, so I can't imagine how much I'd break out if I was using something as minimal as a pea size amount. I don't use a cleanser, I just lather "simple" soap (because he told m
  6. I get flakey tight skin, sometimes it hurts in an irritating kind of way (when I touch it), but generally, it's just dryness. Sometimes dryer than other times. I miss using a moisturiser and having that elasticity, but then again, there's just this dermatologist fighting me in my mind.
  7. Thank you for taking my comment the way I wanted you to. Yes, I agree with you. I've been taking his advice and so far it's been great, it's just the dryness and I'm starting to get fed up to be honest, so I might have to put a moisturiser on. One thing I've noticed though, is that all these brands tend to claim that they sell "non-comedogenic" moisturisers and it makes me wonder which ones actually are.. and if there is actually such thing as a moisturiser that doesn't block my pores. I c
  8. What's your problem? Read my comments properly before you snap at me. I never offended anybody or claimed that I wasn't here for people's opinions. My single reply to you has nothing to do with my reply to "delovely". I said you were right, but told you why I don't apply sun screen.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Have you studied dermatology or is all this just information you found on the internet and lifestyle things you've picked up on? I can see exactly what you're saying and a lot of posts on the internet agree with you, but I can't help but think that the person who is telling me the opposite has literally had a top class education in this field, studied everything and anything about skin and knows what he's talking about. He gets paid a hell of a lot of money to consult
  10. I live in the UK, where it's barely sunny, and even when it is, it's not strong enough to burn me unless I sat in it for hours facing the sun and even then, it wouldn't do much. He told me about the side effects, but said, unless I go to a sunnier climate - I shouldn't bother putting anything on my face as it would only exacerbate things. I can only imagine how dry you were on accutane. I get dry after washing my face, tight, flakey and uncomfortable, but nothing I can't manage. Just affects
  11. Hello, I have a question. Perhaps I'm looking for advice or just other people who have had a similar experience and what they think of it. I went to the dermatologist, because I had mild acne, not severely bad, but not good either. Very rashy and all over my face, and very bad blackheads on my nose. I was also breaking out a LOT on my upper back. I had a lot of questions, particularly because anybody who has gotten upset over acne has probably gone through their obsessive