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  1. Hi, I want to share my experience of my low dose accutane treatment. Although I havent finished my course, it is day 44, i am completely clear!!! I didn't have severe acne. my concern was mostly whiteheads, and since it was not very bad I had tried proactive,minocycline, retin A, B5, but nothing cleard my face. and I was getting scarred pores. so after thinking much about the side affects, I decided to take accutane. Since Accutane is not common at all here in Japan, it was very hard to find
  2. Hello Just want to share my experience with photodynamic therapy. I am Japanese so my english isn't perfect, sorry I had really bad acne about two years ago after coming back from overseas, I didn't have bad acne before that. So I went to see a derm in Tokyo, Dr Ito, the inventer of this procedure,(this is what he and his office say) He explained how well PDT works and there are no side effecs just that i would be red for about two days, I decided to have it done. After about two treatments,
  3. Hi Quick info, I am a twenty year old Japanese male, and I have shallow scars on my right cheek. and after reading the positive results of skin needling posted here on this board, I decided i wanted to have the procedure done. But the problem was here in Japan, and nobody knows about skin needling or even subcision. So I emailed Dr Fernandes(inventer of the procedure), and asked him if he knows anybody in Japan who can perform skin needling. and he emailed me back and said he was just coming t
  4. I had the same problem, what you have is very shallow indents,right? I had those on my right cheek as well, and althought I thought they were pernamnet, they are gone now!! I have been taking Vitamin C tablets, so maybe that has helped. Happy gal, I will be getting skin needling done soon too, let me know how it goes for you!! good luck
  5. Hello, I have not had needling done, I want to, though But I have not heard any negative results with skin needling or medical roll cit. I have only heard positive excellent results and minor improvements, never heard anyone say their scars got worse than before. Hope this helps
  6. hi, scarface I have the exactky same problem, I think they are scarred pores I hope to get skin needling or medical roll cit done in winter break, since these procedures seem very effective and some people who have had them done have reported that their small scarres dissapeared completely. Isn't this good news? You can get more info on this http:/www.weinstein.com.au/skin/collagen
  7. I bought both C&C blackhead clearing scrub and C&C continuous control cleanser at this site, www.medshopexpress.com I am in Japan, and they said it takes about four-five business days to ship internationaly. I think they ship to uk too. Hope this helps
  8. I just bought B5 from Evolution X. Is it okay to take B5 and do the regime, BP gel, at the same time? Or will ths overdry my skin? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you
  9. Hi, Kailua I am really happy for your good result!! Could you tell me where you had the procedure done? and possibly the website? Thanks
  10. ichiro


    Hi, Woodson. How are your scars doing after getting needling done? I wish you the best luck and I hope you will receive good results. Please keep us posted. Your update means a lot to me because I am thinking of getting needled by Frank too. Thanks,
  11. ichiro


    Kooky, Thanks for sharing your good experience with Lilian. this may be a dumb question, but who is better, Frank or Lilian? or are they just as good? or does it even matter? I am planning to fly to US from Japan, so I want to go to the best needler. any suggestions would help, Thanks
  12. Hello, Dan. I just ordered 3 tubes of BP. I live in Japan. If I may ask you,How long does it take for shipping to Japan? I can't wait to get it!!
  13. ichiro


    Hi, Beth I too am thinking of getting needling done over my summer break like you are planning to. but I sent him an email, and he wrote me back. He said that he is very pleased with the results reported and everyone seems to get an improvement from the treatment. and they are traveling quite often teaching needling to makeup artists. they might be traveling near where you live. Have you heard of Lilian from LBN DAY SPA? I think people also have had good resluts with her. If i am not mi
  14. ichiro


    Maya, Thank you for your reply. yes, Transitions seems pretty good. I will contact them. Thanks