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  1. I used it without diluting it and I had the worse allergic reaction ever! All my fave broke out in tiny bumps. It was horrible. I would suggest patch testing first
  2. I still have the little bumps and I'm on week 2. I have also been breaking out like crazy, when I used proactiv plus I didn't have this problem. I found a very affordable oil free fragrance free moisturizer made by equate. You can get it at Walmart
  3. I have the same problems with little rash like bumps and that's why I'm trying the regimen but one week in and I'm getting huge acne around my chin and cheek area and I still have the little bumps. I used st Ives everyday too and I wonder if that could be the cause of the little bumps
  4. I started the Regimen on Thursday January 14th 2016. It's been two days and I have seen some improvements already. My skin doesn't iTch and it's not red or dry yet. I'm taking it slow like the instructions say. Before this I was suffering with contact dermatitis from over exfoliating and salicylic acid. The regimen had helped it go down. I've had mild acne with 2 episodes of severe acne caused by hormones and tea tree oil. I've tried proactiv and acne free and organic products. Proactiv did work for me then it stopped working and left my skin extremely oily. I'm excited to see where this will take my skin! 


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      This was me last monday

  5. I think I have the same thing you're describing from the same thing. I over exfoliated and then used salicylic acid on top of it. How did you use the hydrocortisone? What kind did the doctor prescribe