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  1. well, after a month of use i cleared up completely. its cheap, and effective (atleast for me). i had deep acne before and non stop, i had my last pimple a month after i started using it, it's now been 3 months, the last two of which ive been completely clear.
  2. im using the new mach 3 with some gillette shaving gel. the stuff thats supposed to go with the razor. i was wondering if maybe switching to an electric would help
  3. I seem to get ingrown hairs, big red bumps and acne where my sideburns would be and on my neck. its obviously due to shaving, but i dont know what i should be doing differently. any advice would really help because this sucks.
  4. anyone tried this or know how effective it would be on acne scars?
  5. Ok I tried proactive before but i developed irritation. would i be volnurable to similar irritation on dans regimen because of the BP? also, are those spot treatment tubes readily available? I ask because i live in canada and dont have the luxury of being able to order right from that website he posted. I just want to go to some large store like shoppers drugmart or something and buy it. -Damien
  6. I was wondering about shaving. they say going agains the grain is bad, which it is, but how on earth do you get a close shave? if i dont go against it, i dont get rid of all the hair on my face. its very frusterating as it leaves bumps and redness -Damien
  7. thanks for the info joylove, im intrigued. i may go pick some up in the next couple weeks. -Damien
  8. Is it a bad idea to tape every night?
  9. well im not too concerned about this, as the only time i get them is when i have chocolate. i just have to cut it out (which is what ive done sans christmas). i just hate how long they take to go away, and they always leave scars. so irritating. thanks though
  10. im guessing you're talking about proactive (as in your other post). I developed the same redness, itching and peeling after about 3 months of use. i had to discontinue. right now im trying murad (just waiting for it to show up at my door) because it does not use BP. I'll let you know how it goes as it sounds like you have the same problem i did. -Damien
  11. nevermind, i just did a search through old topics. although it does bring up another questions. I will be tanning shortly (i NEED color), and i was wondering if it would be safe to get into the beds while using aloe vera. i assume it will be, but any info on that would be great. ill probably be using it as a moisturizer after tanning aswell. -Damien
  12. does anybody have any information on the use of this as a moisturizer? i was thinking about using it after i use my clean and clear deep cleaning for sensitive skin. thanks -Damien
  13. Ok so im starting a new regimen tonight. i started with washing my face with a soft cleanser. i then tried the taping method for the first time (absolutely blown away by the amount of junk that came off my face) -applied clean and clear deep cleaning (for sensitive skin) and now im trying to decide what to use for a moisturizer. something non oil based i know. I was thinking aloe vera gel. if anybody has info on it, itd be great if you could share your experience or info. -Damien
  14. so what should i do about red marks?
  15. ...and acne, theyre driving me nuts. i dont even know where to start to get rid of them. any suggestions would be awesome. thanks