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  1. can someone please message dan and get this guy off of the forums - this is getting ridiculous. Look buddy, this is an individual choice. Acne v. potential side effects. This doesnt happen to everyone. Accutane is just like anything else on this green earth. Should i drink and have fun with the consequence of liver problems? What about smoking? Better yet; why dont we throw every prescription drug ever created with the potential for serious side effects into question completely disregardi
  2. Hey everyone, today is currently my 5th day on Accutane. And I must say I am not feeling very well at all (like crap is much more accurate). I had training for track and field this morning and I coached my Youth Soccer team just a few hours ago. For one, my face is sunburned (even with 55 spf ahhhh!). But my entire body feels like it too is sunburned (which isnt possible seeing that Ive had a long sleeve shirt on whenever I've been in the sun). But now Im really out of energy and I've got a
  3. Maybe a little whining in this, but I have a question (probably rhetorical) I've only been on Accutane 4 days (40mg I weigh 75kg) and havent gotten any side effects yet. And in that span my acne has seriously jumped from mild to moderate and gotten really oily. Is this due to the Accutane doing something? Or the fact that I've been using BP (and/or other topicals) for nearly 4 years, and now suddenly I have ceased putting anything on my skin? Man I'm really pulling for this stuff to work, if
  4. The face wash will dry you out a lot more than the gentle wash. I suggest the gentle wash, its what I use.
  5. seriously dude - you are trying to hard. We appreciate the concern, really we do. But don't be so dam hostile towards us when you try and tell us "the facts of accutane" Its a drug. We get it. It can mess you up. We understand. But so can acne. Have you ever stopped to think that every drug for every condition, has the possibility of very serious long term effects? Look I'm sorry if you had a bad experience on accutance, really I am. I would never want anyone to take a medication not kn
  6. honestly, I will take some joint pain to have a semi clear face ( I dont expect perfection trust me ). In the last week I got so fed up with irritated skin I said screw it with the BP and just only washed morning and night and used Differin at night. Baaaaddddd idddeaaaa. Broke out like no tomorrow. I'm seeing my derm in a week - how difficult is it going to be to get him to prescribe me tane?
  7. Hey guys, I'd really appreciate your opinion on this - I'm 18 and I've had acne for about 4 years. When I first had it it was definitely moderate, now it hinges between mild and moderate (I have no idea how it changes so rapidly). I first started using Proactiv which was iffy, so I saw a derm at the age of 16. Since then I've used Tretinoin and Doxy for around 7 - 8 months, and Minocyclin and Differin for the last 3 months. Sad thing is none of it has really worked. Success here and there
  8. I just started Tretinoin 0.025% a week ago. I havent had any peeling, or hell any discomfort or dry skin at all. First couple of days i used too much of it on my face but I'm back to using a pea sized amount. Just used a gentle cleanser and a cleraphil moisterizer, and the medication makes me OILY/GREASY as hell. I really dont feel anything at all (peeling, epidermis thinning) I've broken out a little but its not a big deal in contrast to how bad my face looks due to the shine of it. Is thi
  9. Ok I was wondering if anyone could help possibly with my situation I'll certainly try to explain as much as possible so you get the jist. I'm 17 and i developed acne when i was 14. At first it was pretty terrible, and that went on for a couple of months. So I tried over the counter stuff almost every brand you could think of nothing really worked. And then I got proactiv when i was 15. And i will admit it cleared my face up a lot, but i got stuck in a cycle of clearing up and then breaking