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  1. i actually was pondering this too. When i fell on my bike recently i got a big scab under my right eye. Within a week or 2 the scab was off and i had perfect, tho light skin. If only i had scraped my cheek. I woulda really wanted to see the results.
  2. yeah, thats what i thought i think ill see some more doctors and stuff to get some more opinions on what i should do though
  3. Hello all, it's been a long time since I been here but accutane did the trick. Im essentially acne-free nowadays but the effects still plague me. My cheeks look like its been chewed on by a small mammal or something and my parents acknowledge that I should get this treated. So whats up is that, we get free consultation (hey its free) to this laser institute place. (laserhq.com) Now I need help. The guy may or may not have been telling me and my mom BS. Here's a list of things he said. It'll
  4. Saw a video of skinvac on youtube and then went to the site (skinvac.com) Definately something new here. Has interesting videos and its quite cheap. Anyone tried it or willing too? Its has an interesting concept but Im still skeptical.
  5. Ive been trying numerous products now, recommended and otherwise, some work some dont One thing be said, scrubs are horrible and increase irritation ridiculously. The one im currently using is this one papaya enzyme extract thing made by my doctor. Got this giant multi-cyst inflamation on my face though overnight....
  6. Overall, my backs been improving, I bleed alot less and have been washing it with a gentle anti-acne body wash. I think its working. Maybe I can finally wear white soon oh yeah, and I also recommend accutane, Only side effect I got was dryness which I control with moturization and a few nose bleeds and with a the unlucky 1% they withdraw them from the medicine at the first sign of detriment.
  7. I tried head and shoulders from the body acne section of the site for a few days I dont recommend it at all I dont think im allergic to H&S becuase I use it on my hair all the time but when i put it on my back it aggravated it so much that i couldnt sleep that night, then the next few days it was itchy, and when you itch you scrape, and when you scrape you bleed
  8. When i yawn i make an intolerable skweaky sound I cant scream My legs are super hairy but my thighs are bald Im EXTREMELY gullible and trust too much Im a minor that makes a good constant $2000 a month on teh intarwebs My schlong is unusually long I constantly look over my shoulders I cannot sleep with the doors of my room open Procrastination is my hobby I like to wear thongs Ive seen multiple UFOs Im seriously psychic sometimes I used to speak a seemingly whole different language when i was
  9. o...........m..........g Never get this people! Please dont be as stupid as i was........ (well at least i got a refund eh...)
  10. My face is improving, its just a bunch of red marks now(how do you get rid of those? do you just wait it out?) but my main concern is my back, sleeping is a pain! Everyday when I wake up, I look at my sheets and there are a bunch of red spots all over them. It hurts to put a backpack on too and I hate when friends pat my back and it starts bleeding. I never wear white shirts.
  11. Im trying this as well, but it really stings and its hard to rub in pasty shampoo. We'll see how it work in a week. Also, should i use it on my face too?
  12. I know, I'm skeptical as well, but you never really know for sure until you try, I'm sure as hell not gonna buy it though. Ill keep this topic up in case any tries it, heh just to satisfy our curiosity.
  13. http://www.acnemachine.com/ Wow, that website says it uses energy from the devices to stop itching in a minute and remove acne in a day. Theres even a model to tackle cysts. Its pretty cheap too, I'm pretty skeptical and Im wondering if anyone has ever tried it or is willing to try it and tell us how it works. Its patented and FDA approved so its probably not some ghetto machine made in someone's garage. Try it, it has a 30 day unconditional money back guarrantee in case it doesnt work. and
  14. Well, dont let me burst your bubble but it didnt work for me, and i literally busted my ass to try it. claiming to clear acne in 3 days should be illegal becuase it isnt possible! I was gullible and bought this crap. Eating the apples was a bitch, rubbing Fukin CASTOR oil that they use for stomach aches into your skin sucked, and sticking a bag of water and baking soda into your ass and holding it in for 30 secs was HORRENDOUS. It was fucking disgusting to, im embarrased to even say i tried it.