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  1. I've been on accutane for 5 weeks and my acne is getting better but it's leaving really bad red marks. Will Emu oil or Jojoba Oil help? What's the best products to use? Can you use them during treatment or should I wait till my treatment is over? Thanks for any and all help.
  2. I've been suffering with acne for years. I finally just started accutane and I've been on it for three weeks. My face was looking so good and I had no side effects ( exept dry lips) then I wake up yesterday and they're everywhere and they're huge. What the!?!? Enough already! What can I do to make them go away faster? How long will this last? When will I finally begin to see clearer skin? I go back to derm in 9 days. He was going to move me up to 60 mg instead of the 40 mgs he started
  3. I know your skin is super sensitive during treatment and you're supposed to pamper your skin while on accutane but...is it ok to get facials while on accutane? I'm guessing no, but I was thinking it would help put some moisture into your skin. I obviously haven't started my treatment yet. I'm just nervous and have some questions. Thanks
  4. I'll be starting accutane next week and would like suggestions on what I'll need during my course. I know everyones' skin reacts differently, but what's the best product to wash with...for dry lips...moisturize with...make-up to use... I've also read that taking vitamin e will help with dry lips. What's the deal? Thanks for alll your advice.
  5. Yeah, can someone plese explain to me what exactly is the IPLEDGE. I don't understand what it is. I read all the papers and it understand the side effects and all but Who and What gets the IPLEDGE. Is it just for the pharmacy and you doctor or what. I think the registration is what is scary and the blood work you have to get done everymonth made me think what the hell is this drug.
  6. So does this mean that you are going to go on accutane too??? Obviously I want to be clear forever. I'm 29 and have had enough already. I'm hoping the accutane will clear me for a while. A friend of mine went on accutane 6 years ago and still looks beautiful. She gets an occasional pimple here and there and I think she looks great. I want to go throught the course {accutane} and get beautiful skin and get a pimple here and there, not every couple days or every time I get my period. I've ha
  7. Thank you. I have another question... Am I right in guessing you wouldn't use any other products/ meds while on accutane. Just moisturizer and lots of chapstick?
  8. I'm just trying to make my decision on whether or not to go on accutane. The results are amazing, but the side effects seem sooooo harmful. I would like to know if the majority of people experience the bad side effects or is it just dry lips, eyes and nose? What is the worst part? Did anyone have to stop treatment because they couln't deal with something? I also wanted to know typically how long the results last? Thanks for all the info.
  9. Thanks for all your help and advice. I do not have a history of depression. I was on anti-depressants when I was going through a very nasty divorce from my psych ex-husband. And trust me, if you went trough what I did, you would need meds too. But now that that's all done and over with and I'm getting on with my life and I've been great. I mean the whole course seems a little stressful, but it seems worth it to me. The thought of not breaking out again is really appealing. I'm highly con
  10. Thanks. I'm really considering it. I've learned so much from this site about all the diferent treatments. It just seems like going through theaccutane is draining. I don't know if I can take it. I just got divorced and finally got off anti depressants. I go through my moody periods, espcially when it's that time of the month. My mom is worried that I would go crazy on these meds because they sound so dangerous. Is it safe to take anti depressants while on accutane. I haven't been on them
  11. Please help. I'm a little confused and don't know what to do. I had acne as a teenager and into my early 20s. I've been on all types of meds trying to tame it and the meds usually worked, just hated the inital break out of the new meds. I stopped all meds when I got pregnant and my face was clear during my pregnancy and for a while after. ( and for a while I mean 3 years). Now I'm 29 and my face is exploding again! I'm like what the hell is going on. So I find that I'm breaking out around