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  1. Hi everyone!! So a few months ago I posted that I was having a spinal fusion and wouldn't be able to wash my face for a little bit and someone on here suggested these glycolic face wipes, which ended up working miracles on my skin and made it SO CLEAR. So I used the wipes from January-about two week ago. But at the end of March I went back on my birth control (I had to stop it for my surgery) and the whole month of April my skin started to get bad again along my jaw line, which was never a pr
  2. I'm getting a spinal fusion done next week and will be in the hospital for 5-7 days. I won't be able to bend my back right away in order to wash my face over a sink or get up for the first 2 days.. i NEED to wash my face every morning and every night or my skin goes crazy. does anyone have any advice of something i could do or face wipes that work really well?? THANK YOU