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  1. is there any product i can get over the counter that contains azelaic acid. i'm using finacea and i love it but i don't have any refills and i know my dermatologist won't refill it because she wanted me to stop using it. i didn't though obviously, and i've had amazing results. anyone know where i can get one?
  2. im currently on differin and i have been for like four months and its sort of helped but its really not doing a great job. i still get really bad breakouts near my period mostly on my cheeks. my derm said that if differin doesnt work, i cant take spiro? should I? im not sure if my acne is hormonal or not but i think it is since its worse near my period. anybody have any success stories??
  3. i've never heard of bactrim before, but does anyone know how it works. i was on doxy but my derm. took me off.
  4. you could ask your derm. for epiquin. it has 4% hydroquinone in it and is excellent for brown spots. i think it takes like a month before you see results but it's worth it
  5. ok, i've been on differin for almost two months and i'm almost positive i'm going through the IB. i was completely fine two weeks ago and i thought maybe i was finally clearing up. but then a week later, i got huge pimples and they scabbed pretty nasty. for about two weeks now, they've been pretty bad. when can i expect to start clearing up? any time soon? =/
  6. how long does it usually take for dryness on differin to go away or does it all? i hope it does =/
  7. well that makes me feel better anyway, i've had a few sizeable pimples pop up already but the clindagel really takes care of them fast. my skin looks clearer than it has in months. the only problem on the differin is that it makes me really dry and to make my matters worse my school has a reeeeally bad heating system. oh well, if it helps in the long run then i can definitely put up with it!
  8. can hydroquinone produce severe inflammation on the skin and dryness? because i started using it two nights ago and so far, only where i've been putting it, its REALLY red. im also using differin cream on those spots, but i used differin gel before and i never had dry skin or redness, and the cream is supposed to be milder. help! i look like a burnt lobster =[
  9. my derm. told me to mix the moisturizer with the differin. but i have dry skin problems too so i always put on a little extra after i put the differin on
  10. OK i swore up and down before I went to the derm. tonight that i was going to refuse to use a retinoid. But she explained to me that it's key in keeping your skin clear and antibiotics only work for so long. So she perscribed to me differin cream and clindagel. She told me to use differin every other night and clindagel twice a day. I'm also on doxycycline once a day. She put me on something else to help fade red marks that starts with an e. But anyway, are all those applications of antibiotics
  11. im taking doxycycline and finacea gel and for awhile there i thought i was gonna be clear, but now i get at least one new pimple a day. My derm. did say i should use a retinoid but i just don't want to experience another IB (i used differin for about a month but then i gave up ) i should have kept using it but i was discouraged because my acne was getting worse. i was just wondering, should i start to use a retinoid again? will i even get an IB since im on an antibiotic? i thought i saw somewhe
  12. I just had a few questions. Is it really that important to take doxy on an empty stomach? Because if it does make difference, i've been doing wrong this whole time? Also, i've been taking it for about a month and half now and i still break out really bad, especially around my period. When am i really gonna start getting clear? Also, is minocycline a lot stronger than doxy and if it is, should i get switched to it?
  13. I have this random patch of dry skin near my jawline and it flakes badly almost everyday no matter what I put on it. I have dry skin on my right cheek to but it doesn't flake as bad. I use Cetaphil moisturizer and sometime aquaphor on that patch but the aquaphor is a bad idea because it makes me break out. But i have no idea what else to do...any suggestions?
  14. i wasn't really sure where to put this topic but anyway does finacea work like a retinoid would, bring everything to the surface? because, i'm noticing a lot more tiny whiteheads coming to surface than ever before. the good news is they clear up quicker than my face ever did before but there's a lot more of them than when i first started using this
  15. I just started using doxycycline 150 mg two weeks ago with finicea gel and differin. My skin is starting to clear up already, with only the occasional pimple here and there probably attributed to the differin. Anyway, even though this regimen is starting to help, my skin gets so dry! And to make matters worse, my school's heating system is really drying because my skin is the worst there. What kind of moisturizer or product could I use to help get it hydrated? My derm. said to use purpose moistu