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  1. you need to use retin-a for at least 6 months to see some improvement for the scars... so don't get discouraged, it's normal not to have such quick results (unfortunately) do as ayla said and use a hydrating moisturizer also (one that won't clog pores of course)
  2. retin-a is effective for scars too but it takes a long time to see the results. the retinoids exfoliate the skin, stimulate collagen production, they are also used in anti-wrinkle creams. the results are not the same as in case of chemical peelings but on long term (sometimes years) they do erase scars. but don't forget to use sunscreen while on retin-a as you might get hyper-pigmentation and other bad stuff
  3. Thank you, that is close to work, I am gonna go and ask for some prices. I found a place where it's 50$/ session but while reading the forum I saw that some people paid 20$/ session so I was trying to find a place like that..
  4. Oh, it's really not big of a deal.. I can hardly see anything. Don't waste your time worring about your so-called scarring, you have beautiful skin , I would love to have your skin
  5. Hi everyone, I need to ask you something. I want to have a few glycolic peels for my acne cars and overall appearance of my skin (large pores some fine lines, blemishes) but I don't know where to go. I live in NYC and I would like to find a cheaper but still good place to have these done (I know that I will need at least 6 sessions so that is why I wanna find some better price). Thank you and I hope you can help me with some ideas.
  6. I also have seborrheic dermatitis and I treat it very well with BLUE CAP, it's a Spanish product with no hydrocortisone and you can order it online. It works like a charm . Oh and I used to have problems with my forehead, cheeks, chin, behind the ears, temples, almost my entire face, I was like this
  7. I can;t advice you from my experience but I will tell you what I have read on another forum about acne.. there was a girl on roaccutane and she said that she got a huge pimple on her cheek so because of the fact that she couldn't use a treatment cream like retin-a to kill it and because she noticed that her skin got red in that area, she put some calendula moisturizer to calm down the redness. she said that until the morning the pimple,redness and even scar was almost gone. so... if you have som
  8. bono, I know I have no idea what you are going through, I have skin problems but not so bad... I would like to give you my thought, the thing that helps me more than anything in this world: go to Church, maybe you can't make yourself happy but why not dedicate your life to helping others? that is much better than dying.. give your life a different meaning
  9. Hello! I tried to use the powder today, maybe it's because I have a big problem with (very) enlarged pores and pitted scars that this looked awful on me . It didn't blend in at all and it underlined my (many) flaws.. so I washed it off my face, I am sorry, I couldn't go out looking like that. Until now, I haven't found a powder that hides at least half of my skin problems, maybe it's me... . So... thank you for letting me try it, I appreciate it, maybe for someone with less skin problems this w
  10. Hello! Thank you Dan, I received my powder (light color) 2 days ago but I am sick in bed so I didn't get the chance to try it yet, I am sorry. I have put a little on my wrist and the shade seems ok but the texture is strange, a little bit chalky as other people have said.. I think I will try it on tomorrow and I will tell you how it goes. Have a nice evening!
  11. I agree with retin-a, it's great for cystic acne but you have to be pacient to see results, in the beginning your skin will exfoliate, some pimples will be brought to light but this will happen just to deeply clear your skin.. AND, exfoliation is also very very important, preferably with a gentle product.. I would recommend microdelivery peel cloths from sephora, I have sensitive skin and I didn't irritate from these ones and it also cleared my skin very well. Just wipe your face with a cloth,