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  1. Yup, I get these all the time too. I get em on my forehead and my chin mostly.
  2. Guess I'll be getting the new bottles here pretty soon too as I'm due for another delivery. Doesn't sound like it was an improvement in design though. As for Michigans question, Proactive is a legit product. It does help with acne. However, like mentioned above, it's not a cure. I still get breakouts, but they are much less severe on Proactiv. I used to use Oxy and with that I'd get big red zits on my forehead nose and chin fairly regularly, but I don't get those anymove with Proactiv. It's go
  3. Howdy BHA765, I've been using Proactive for about 2 years now, and have noticed changes in the texture of the cleanser(step one) on more than one occasion. My latest batch which I got about 1 1/2 months ago didn't seem out of the ordinary though. The "beads" in particular seem to change in size fairly often. I've had batches that were thicker too and like you've mentioned, times when the cleanser is thinner. Appears to be simple inconsistency in the manufacturing process. You could always call
  4. What you're experiencing sounds like a reaction to the Benzoyl Peroxide. Redness, itchyness and flakiness are all common side effects. Some people can even be alergic to the stuff. The most common course of action and it should be stated with your product materials, is to reduce dosage, which it sounds like you've done. Keep in mind though, that the Proactive cleanser and the cream stuff, I think they call it reparing lotion, both have BP in them. You should see some improvement if you continue
  5. It's too bad that the "Dip Regimen" didn't work for me, my face oil was so much less when on that. Anyway, I blot alot during the day. I blot anytime I feel like my face is shiny so that's probably 4 or more times on a bad day. I just use the paper towels we have here at work. Nothings better than smashing a white paper towel to your face and seeing the imprint of your hands all nice and obvious on the towel when you remove it. *cough* Has anybody come up with a product that can be created fr
  6. I had a goatee type beard for about 7 years, not to cover acne, but just because. I rarely had pimples during that time in the areas where there was hair. Well, I was a bit surprised then when I decided to shave it off and found that I'm breaking out in those areas worse than the rest of my face.(This was about 1 1/2 years ago) What Julius C. said makes sense, You may want to reconsider the beard, unless you plan on keeping it until you're cured of or grow out or your acne.
  7. If a zit can be popped without causing it to get worse or cause permanent damage to the skin, I'm all over that thing. I don't always get these right either. That's another story though. I'll also squeeze blackheads, it's kind of fun since they remind me of the "Snakes" fireworks you light off on the 4th of July. It's a crap shoot with these though, since it's all about technique. I can usually get them out without causing more problems though.
  8. More power to those who've had success with this, but I'm going to add my voice to those that have tried this and had it fail them. I started the Dip shortly after finding this site. I was on it for just under 3 weeks. The first week was good, only a few small pustules that went away almost over night, and a few whiteheads on my forehead. In the days following though, the whiteheads started to increae and spread to the rest of my face. By the time I was about to start week 3, I was getting larg
  9. I guess my entire immediate family had acne at one time in their lives. Father grew out of it early apparently, my mom had it until late in life. Younger brother was worse than my older brother, but both have grown out of it. Lucky me, looks like I'll have zits on my corpse. Woot!
  10. This is an easy one. It was on my forehead between my eyes and it was big and had been around for a long time. Well, I kept playing with it and finally one morning I managed to get it to pop. Wow! It left a 6 inch streak of bloood on my mirror. I even took a picture of it since it was the biggest mess I'd ever seen from a pimple. I nick named it "The Blood Gyser".
  11. Howdy, I’ve got a problem with facial oil too. I get pretty oily usually 2 or so hours after washing. I’ll then blot and the oil will be mostly gone for maybe 2 more hours, although my face still feels greasy. So, I’m blotting quite a bit during the day, which sucks. I guess I should say I used to blot alot during the day. See below for explanation.
  12. I dont really think it has much to do with them needing to change it every two days. I just think they want to and it makes them feel better to do so I think this is probably different for everyone. I know I get breakouts from sleeping on my face. I also get it on my neck from sleeping on my back. So, for me it's more than just to make myself feel better. Although, not getting more breakouts does have that effect. As to the OT, I'll rotate my pillow 180 degrees each night and flip it
  13. I'm 37. Had acne since I was 13. Since I never seem to see many other folks with acne, let alone old people with acne, it's nice to find out that I'm not alone. My mother always told me "You'll grow out of it." As we all know, it's a lie. Course, it's not her fault.
  14. I get zits on my earlobes and sometimes inside my ears. I don't think any of them have been cysts, but I've had some largish painful ones on my earlobe before. I usually get earlobe breakouts when I sleep on my side alot.