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  1. So I'm pretty positive I'm going to have to go back on accutane. I went on it three years ago and it was really successful for about two and nowwwww its back! FML. well I was just wondering if anyone whos been on a second round of accutane could tell me what to expect like is it the same as the first round and if you relapsed after your second round too. Thanks
  2. oil coming back to my nose was the first sign my acne was going to come back. after about 4 months off accutane, my acne returned.
  3. I was on accutane about 6 months ago and everything was great. i am now breaking out all over my forehead in tiny pimples that are slowly becoming bigger and going on my chin too. so now im really pissed off and in the middle of a nervous breakdown because after 6 months of bliss i dont want to go back to hell. someone tell me it will get better. PLEASE.
  4. Its def not too mild. My acne was even milder and I still went on it. Now my skin is perfect! If your looking for results and clear skin, do it.
  5. yeahhhhhh i was on accutane and now I'm off and my skin is perfect! SO WORTH IT!
  6. I have been off accutane for about a month now and although I am pleased with the results I am worried about the amount of hair i have been losing latly. It has been coming out in large amounts and altough it is not noticable to others, I can tell its a lot flatter and thinnner then pre-tane. The hair loss was not an issue during my course and I am really worried about why its happening a month after. can someone help me????
  7. I'm on accutane and when i get off my derm told me lasers could get rid of my bacne scars.
  8. My skin is worse right now that it ever was before accutane and I'm 2 1/2 months into it. My derm said the IB is good though becasue its like everything coming to the surface and going away.
  9. I'm half way through my 2rd month, and my skin was looking much better in the begining. I didn't get my IB till my 2nd month and I am just starting to experiance some side affects such as rash and dry spots on my arms. In the first month I had really bad back pain from the accutane, but now its gone. What I am trying to say is that the symptoms come and go.
  10. Today I woke up and I felt like I had a big eyelash in my eye and it hurt soooooooo bad. I couldn't find anything in my eye and I couldn't even look around it was so bad. So I told my mom and she said it was dry, a painful but true side affect of accutane. Even squirting visine stuff in it didn't completly help. So my eyes have been painfully dry all day. Any hints on how to combat this dryness further?
  11. Okay so I just started accutane last week and my symtoms arn't too bad...yet. I have dry,red skin an my joints hurt a little bit but I'm cool with that. I ave been applying aquafore several times a day to my lips, even though they are not chapped at all yet. So if you took or are taking accutane, it would be really helpful if you could help me out a little by answering some questions I have. 1. When did your lips really start to chap and peel? 2. If you had acne on your back, did it clear up das
  12. I'm going to start accutane late next week if everything goes well, and I was wondering if anyone would like toshare how long it took them before they daw a difference in their skin. I just suffered a horrible breakout and I'm really anxious to get this started. please reply!!