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  1. Hey again everyone, Sorry for not updating for so long... it's been a rough couple of weeks as my grandmother passed away just over a week ago and everything else kind of fell by the wayside. However, I have been keeping my routine going. What I'm doing is this: Night: -cetaphil cleanser -2.5% BP on chin, forehead, all around hairline and a bit on the nose -cetaphil moisturizing lotion Morning: -cetaphil cleanser -2.5% BP on chin only (my problem area) and spot treatments -cetaphil moisturizi
  2. Grew up in Ottawa, been living in Montreal for the past five years!
  3. DAY 4 Having a bad skin texture day today. This morning I FORGOT to put on BP... I was already out the door when I remembered, at first I was like "OH SHIT!" but then I thought... hmm.. maybe I should just try applying it once a day at the beginning and see what happens. After all my skin is not that bad and I don't want to develop a dependency. I'm a bit concerned about starting the twice a day regimen right now because I know I won't be able to keep it up indefinitely (i.e. I can't when I'm t
  4. Has anyone here successfully gone off BP? As in, used the regimen for months or years and found that they had clear skin when they went off of it (after initial breakouts?).
  5. DAY 3 Definitely noticing WAY more dryness and flakiness today. Yesterday when I was putting on my moisturizer, it was burning and stinging a little... no pain no gain? My cheeks were pretty red. Usually I put bp on my cheeks because I get occassional pimples there, but I'm wondering whether I should just put the bp around the hairline and on the forehead and chin since those are my normal problem areas. I don't want to irritate my cheeks when they're doing pretty alright by themselves. Other
  6. Dan, I'm new to the site and to your regimen, and I have to say that one of the reasons I decided to try and it why I really like the idea is because you're a regular guy who's trying things out for himself, not a scientist or a movie star. You're just someone who's in the same position as the rest of us, trying to figure things out. I really appreciate that, and I appreciate that you're always willing to try out new things! Kudos for going on such a strict diet, food is one of my great joys i
  7. Thanks for the notes, guys! It is great to know that there are people going through the same thing. Keeping my hands off my face is HARD, haha, but I'm trying. I travel quite a bit in Africa and whenever I'm there I try extra-hard not to touch my face to reduce the risk of getting sick, still never quite succeeded though. This time, it will happen, I am determined. It's a great habit to get into for my next trip anyway, and maybe I won't get any crazy eye infections again DAY 2 I'm definit
  8. Thanks for the encouragment Fiyero! I may end up investing in some of Dan's bp as well.. Day 1 Not much change today, it's way too early to see any at this point. My facial acne seems to be following its regular course... one of the giant chin ones burst and was pretty goopy and puffy this morning, but it's calmed down. Another chin one is bigger and kind of itchy, I'm trying really hard not to touch it. The third one has gone down a lot, and the one on my forehead has gone down a lot too. Oth
  9. I don't know about anyone else, but something about the smell of bp really disagrees with me. It reminds me almost of chlorine, but just slightly, and kind of like really sweet saliva *shudders*. It's the same smell that I remember from when I used to use a prescrption bp acne medication back in high school (forget which brand it was though). The brand of bp I'm using right now is Oxy, and I'm wondering whether the smell might vary from brand to brand. What does Dan's bp smell like? Does anyone
  10. The only glygolic acid products I could find were by Neostrata and Reversa, which both seemed to be going for about 30$ for a 50 ml bottle. Is this a normal price? It seems to be a bit expensive. How long would this amount of product last if I were applying it to my entire back daily?
  11. I just started the regimen today, and there were a million other bp products but no Neutrogena bp that I can find in Montreal! I ended up getting OXY but I might switch to Dan's brand depending on how everything goes. Nothing was behind the counter here, it was just that the one brand was not available. Frustrating!
  12. So I went out to get some supplies to start my regimen. I already use Spectro Gel in the shower and Cetaphil in the sink as cleansers, and I have been using Cetaphil daily moisturising lotion for months. They're great and I intend to keep using them! So the only things I needed to get was the benzoyl peroxide for face and back and the glycolic acid for my back. This proved more difficult than expected... I didn't see any of the Neutrogena on-the-spot product, but there were a million other teen
  13. For reference... I suppose these will be my 'before' pictures. These were taken right after a shower, so no makeup and wet hair. The back, excuse my crazy tan lines: [attachmentid=6747] Left side of the face, the chin is a real problem area: [attachmentid=6748] Right side, not bad at all!: [attachmentid=6749] This is what I look like when I'm not posing strangely: [attachmentid=6750] Hi!
  14. Hey all, I'm new to the regimen -- in fact I haven't yet started, I'll be going to pick up supplies at the pharmacy today. About me and my skin: I'm 22 years old, and have suffered from some form of acne or another since puberty. My face used to be moderate to severe: all through junior high and high school I would get cystic and nodular acne on my chin, nose and forehead especially. Have been going to dermatologists since I was fifteen, used pretty much every topical available, and most of th