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  1. Love reading your stuff Soon. Keep it up!! Good luck to you
  2. darling pa-lease keep waiting it out!! my IBs lasted almost 2 months. (sigh...) but seriously, as depressed as i was then, it's so worth it now. i had cystic acne and now my face is sooooo clear. i'm on week 14.
  3. hey markymark-- keep with it. listen to your fellow .org posters I'm sure the increase in the amount of applications is causing your IB to speed up and become obviously much more apparent. Think about it this way, at least you're getting it "out of the way" now instead of just letting junk stay dormant and draw out this whole process. I'm on week..... 14 now and am finally getting really really clear. Still minor things here and there but a COMPLETE 180 from what I was experiencing the first
  4. Kitty, How long have you been on Taz now??? Moisturizer, sunscreen or no moisturizer--- that might not be the problem. If you're in your first 12 weeks on the stuff you're probably just going through initial break outs. I'm on week 13 and my skin is starting to look FAB but only after going to hell and back for the first 10-12 weeks!
  5. Hi Kitty, I've found a GREAT way to exfoliate (that many others on these boards will swear by!) is using baking soda. Put some in your hand and mix in a few drops of water to make a paste after washing your face. Exfoliate using gentle circular motion. It works wonderful for me, and I'm on Taz too. (Another step afterward that I've been incorporating into the routine is to then use a cotton ball and swab on 1/2 apple cider vinegar 1/2 water mix.) It helps to restore the PH balance to your skin.
  6. MissKiss--- I'm very hesitant to go on antibiotics because I feel that you're body eventually gets used to them and builds up resistance. My esthetician agrees with me and she doesn't advise adding one to the acne routine. Plus, I just don't like the idea of being 'addicted' to an antibiotic. Anyway, I'm currently starting my 13th week of Taz-- .05% gel. I'm with most of you when I say, stick with it-- it works. I had several horrible IBs, and only within the past 3 weeks have I really shown
  7. I started using Cera Ve lotion, per my derm's instructions. This stuff works GREAT. I'd highly reccommend it.
  8. I've been reading this thread and decided to give it a try. Heck, anything is worth a shot at this point. I used Eden's Organic ACV I just started doing this yesterday--- made the mistake of taking it straight. I kind of drank it like a shot! hehe. But it did make my throat burn... ( I did two tablespoons worth). Today when I take it I'm definitely going to dillute it. Even when I woke up this morning it made me feel like I was getting sick with a sore throat! Oops I also used it on my face
  9. Initially my skin was improving slightly with this product but now, after 2 full weeks... its just getting worse. so frustrating. My skin is really flaky too and its hard to even wear makeup without it looking horrible after an hour or two!! My derm also gave me these Nicomide supplements... anyone in here used those?
  10. I just started using this med a week ago and I can tell the difference already. I have cystic acne and its improving already. My derm told me to only put it on for 15 minutes at night and then wash off. Immediately after I put on a lot of Cera Ve lotion (OTC). I can tell the clarity of my skin is improving as well. We'll see how it progresses...