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    It's all about the music, i write/play guitar, sing, do home recordings with my band, goto loads of gigs... uni if i can be bothered :P
  1. Hope things work out, if you haven;t already tried what I'm doing then i would seriously consider it, depends on what state your acne is i suppose tho, this works well for me personally. Still looking great, and I've been utterly destroyed on alcohol and smoking a LOT recently, and nothing is affecting my face anymore.
  2. A month later: I'm still good. I actually remind myself when im doing my regime to come on this and update it, but because it's not at the forefront of my mind anymore I keep forgetting!
  3. forTehWin

    my log

    a bakery!? sounds not too great tbh. is that a factory type thing?
  4. an interesting thought, can't say i've ever noticed!
  5. I've not been on here in ages... and this is why.... My skin is better than its ever been in my life right now. Eating plenty of veg, shaving properly, and using BP 2.5% twice a day and moisturising, ace. This is basically how my wash routine goes.... Morning: Shower (wash face with lynx (or axe as american call it) shower gel)) BP 2.5% Moisturise Evening: Brush teeth BEFORE washing face wash face with cold water BP 2.5% Moisturise I shave every 2nd or 3rd day, at no paticular time, just w
  6. forTehWin

    my log

    *poke*. i've not been here in ages (mainly due to things actually going okay! *shock horror*!).... how are things with you?
  7. forTehWin

    my log

    your right! you haven't been here in a while! =O but neither have I really.... hope things are going better for youuuu
  8. Ahhh, it's been a while (again).... Still just experimenting with stuff, and staying clear of BP as much as possible (apart from in face wash). Uni is all finished for the year, and summer is just round the corner so looking for a job, in the meantime ive got a bit of spare time to experiment with stuff! Face is a bit on the red side today, but no biggy, ill just take a day off in order for it to adjust itself back to normal. Trying to get some more fresh air aswell, while doing exercise and
  9. New: Ok, long time since a last update. My latest regime, is due to reading a post by another user about using ice when getting an outbreak. This made me think back to a time when i had little/no acne for a long period of time about 2 years ago! What was i doing?: Washing my face morning/night with cold water, due to heated water being not all that readily available! SO! recently, ive been washing my face with cold water from the tap, using only PanOxyl 10 was (decided i would this another sh
  10. For current status: See previous posts regarding drinking too much/smoking/eating rubbish~
  11. Things are getting a bit better! less new spots, but redmarks are pretty insane right now. I've been laying off the BP a bit which is helping normalise everything a bit, and also gone back on the clearasil facewash which has helped a whole load. Verdict: PanOxyl 10 wash = pure rubbish. ahwell, was worth a shot~
  12. hahaha, ive been trying, but damn easter break isnt a good time to "cut back" on anything =O! p.s. everything looks crap right now. =|
  13. forTehWin

    my log

    woooow, eating tea leaves!? lemme know if that works
  14. cheers man for the comments, I've been attempting to use less and less stuff on my face the last week or so. Also changed to wet shaving again, and everything feels a whole lot better. the dry skin thing i what really ticks me off, but wet shaving is giving me a fresh layer of skin every second day (i dont wet shave every day so as not to irritate by skin). as for the smoking thing, its going well, cut down a huge amount recently w00t. leaving the alcohol alone was a no-hoper due to turning 21
  15. Gawd: I'm useless. Went out last night, got reaaaaally really destroyed, but was one of those "must do" situations due to meeting someone..doh. So yeah, looking terrible thismorning, breakouts pretty much everywhere, getting the 2.5% BP action back on to help.... thank god for concealer.... which ive started using recently~ The quitting smoking is going ok, or at least its cut down quite a lot. Never really found it to have an effect on my skin... always just going out too much and passing out