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  1. surfdude_socal

    Day: ? (post Claravis)

    Have not been on this website in a long time. just posted an update, and saw your post. looks like we both had similar time frame of Accutane use, age, and initial level of acne. I have not had experience any real long term (10 month) side effects. Hopefully your issues slowly fade away. Message me if you want to chat more, I know it can be difficult talking to people that haven taken accutane (had acne).
  2. 10 months now, things are still looking good. having a small breakout right now but I am not worried. No negative side effects from accutane to report. Life is good. Dealing with some other health related things, but nothing major. Skating a bunch more these days, have a new girl in my life, and conducting research at a top ranked university. never thought I would be here when acne controlled my life. keep it up y'all. I post on this site to try and give people the hope/inspiration they need d
  3. Sept 17th Day 190? I wanted to make a post today, to give people inspiration and insight into Accutane journey. I will try my best to do a few post Accutane entries as well Took my last pill today….6 months flew by I am pleased to say I am nearly 100% clear (only very very small pimple here and there, need be inches away from mirror to see). My acne really vanished by 2nd and half month on the medication. Today I am just left with some minor PIH and slight uneven ton
  4. surfdude_socal

    Accutane - not a good day 93 days

    bummer, seems like you have been making great progress though! this is just a minor set back. I am on my 85th day so we are in the same ballpark. Things are looking up for us. ANd just think, things would probably be worse off accutane
  5. surfdude_socal

    Day 85

    Wanted to give everyone out there some inspiration! here is a run down of my last month an a half ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Day 47? April 25 Think this last week was the turning point. I only had 1 pimple above the my mostache line and one on the side of my chin. Both were very small. My face is continuing to heal, but I am worried I will