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  1. I started the regiment on January 10th 2016 and its now April 10th 2016. I went through all the troubles; skin becoming darker, dry skin, disgusting skin and its all been worth it! I'm not acne free but I haven't broken out a pimple in a few days and I only have dark spots left on my face. I ordered the 16 oz package kit and Its still not finished and its been 4 months. I doubted acne.org at first but I gave it a try because just like anyone with acne, ill do anything but the regimen worked for
  2. 4 months and I just got dark spots congrats
  3. my skin looks disgusting on the regimen but don't stop the regimen. Be patient and keep on going.
  4. I'm on my second month and in a week or so ill be on my third(March 10). My skin is getting so much darker, its ridiculous I'm a very light brown and now suddenly very dark and everyone has been noticing it and in some cases making fun of me. I don't really care though but will my skin every go back? How long, I'm so close to taking a week break from the regimen but I don't want to make a horrible mistake! Any help? I also tested the regimen on my neck and its 100 percent the regimen that's maki
  5. Congrats! Your skin looks flawless :)
  6. I have the same exact problem! I'm also a starter to the regimen
  7. I'm a starter and I feel what your going through! The regimen works but it just has side effects but you just got to hang in there. On my 2nd week I started seeing severe dryness (Keep in mind, different for everyone) and personally I got darker to going on the regimen but overall its worth it, I've seen major improvement in just 2 weeks! Also be patient and slowly you will see results! Good luck!
  8. My skin is very dry too but it took me halfway through my second week to experience dryness ! its part of the process so use a lot of moisturizer or even add a few drops of jojoba oil! It helps :)
  9. I live in Canada too and I experienced darkening of the skin and it is totally normal. I've got oily skin too. It gets better, stick with it. 4 months in and never going back!! Thanks! I was worried.
  10. So its been 2 weeks, starting 3rd week tomorrow and I realized that my skin is darker than before. By atleast a shade and I normally have light brown skin and its gotten darker. I live in Canada and the weather here is cold and in the winter I always tend to get lighter but its the oopisite and I hardly go out the house. Here are a few things about me and the regimen. - Oily skin (Kind of, skin is mostly dry after being on regimen) - Ive been using 2/3 finger length of BP for my 2nd week an
  11. So i just brought the Acne.org regimen along with AHA+(gycolic acid). Any advic before i begin? Also HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully this is the year your and my acne disspears! Good luck everyone. - I.T