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  1. Milk makes me break out within 24 hours. I avoid any milk unless its used in cooking. Soy Milk is a great alternative.
  2. have you tried acidophilous yogurt? Puts the good bacteria back into you. I used it while on anti-biotics.
  3. I used minocycline and it worked great until my acne came back after I stopped taking it. I tried it again and my acne had become resistant to the anti-biotic. It can cause nausea because the anti biotic kills good bacteria. I ate acidophilous yogurt and the nausea wasnt a problem.
  4. Well I use tea tree oil and BP. I did a little trial with BP on my left cheek and TTO on my right. BP is more effective in the sense it reduces redness when spot treating. TTO does a wonderful job of keeping me clear though.
  5. diet makes a huge difference IMO.
  6. I have been clear for a week. I had a strong coffee this morning with cow milk ( i cant get soy milk to froth up ), a scoop of vanilla ice cream in my thickshake. Skipped my multi vitamin yesterday. I have 2 fresh new pimples on the side of my face. Diet makes a BIG difference. I think the caffeine made me break out but im not entirely sure as I do usually drink ALOT of tea and never get pimples from it. Could be the cow milk with all those hormones.
  7. common ones are dry skin, cracking lips, skin redness. I experienced joint stiffness.
  8. yeah Im quite different when I've had acne. I've had acne off and on after using almost everything out there. The periods where I would have no acne I am pretty outgoing. With acne, im alot more reserved.
  9. he said foods with high sugar. I almost intake no white sugar these days and I do just fine , although I do still drink Coke Zero (much better taste than diet coke ). Most of my sugars come from fruit.
  10. Get accutane. It saves you having to spend all this money on trying everything. If you dont like the accutane side effects, then just stop and do the DKR.
  11. One of my parents friends imported one of these types of lamps into New Zealand. I will get more details if your interested.
  12. depends where you live also. In New Zealand the burn times range from 9 - 12 minutes in the Summer. Sun Screen is a definite must. You still get tanned with sunscreen.
  13. same thing happened to me. I have stopped CSR completely. 2 days off the regimen and my face is covered in a bumpy red rash and my skin is flaking and peeling like you described. I _may_ have used too much BP but I think it could be that Im allergic to either the BP or something in the cream. I get an intense burning with any moisturizer I apply after BP. Im going to start again in a week or so when my skin has fully recovered.