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  1. B5 hair loss possibly cure
  2. Does any one have any updates or consider themselves cured yet
  3. Odd question but Did any of you get dry lips with your hair loss and when you started taking b5 and b complex again did it help your lips in any way thanks
  4. Okay thanks again for the feedback and good luck I hope you manage to free yourself from this horrible state that we are In. im going to give it some thought before I commit to it but thanks
  5. So are you saying b5 is working for you is that what’s improved your hair
  6. I think your taking too many supplements I’ve taken most of the things you’ve taken with no benefit I’m even sure that taking zinc actually made it worse and more dry.you have to be careful taking supplements
  7. Hi guys how’s it going on the b5 and the b complex thanks
  8. What is the brand name of the vitamin water please thank you for the info
  9. That’s interesting about your beard I would have thought cutting with ease would be a bad sign. who knows mate I’ve been of b5 about 5-6 years now and still suffering
  10. Is your hair loss diffuse thinking or something different
  11. Yes my back and sides are just as thin as my hair on the top of my head sparse all over. id never take b5 again but I understand why you have tried it again desperation I’m the same I have tried everything. what do you think to scalp micro pigmentation?? i know it’s not ideal but at least it’ll give a look of more density