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  1. Please keep me updated I will watching this thread like a hawk now
  2. Can we discuss results and what people are trying or if anyone has succeeded in combating itchy scalp and hair loss thanks. i am desperate for help
  3. I’m the same itchy scalp hair loss of o could stop this I would be so happy. dont waste money on minoxidil it dosent work niether do b vitamins or omega three supplements
  4. I’ve had my iron levels tested many times they have always been in range
  5. I don’t think there is. Cure I’m starting to think what’s done is done
  6. Hi meritnorth any updates on what you took and what what we can try thanks
  7. Has anyone found a supplement that works for itchy scalp and dry lips
  8. That’s fantastic what vitamins/herbal supplements did you take. think you are the first success
  9. When you take b5 your hair falls out you will loose 30-50% of your hair density when you stop the b5 your hair will remain lifeless and strawlike the 50% that you lost due to the shedding effect of vitamin b5 will not return.10 years later you will still only have 50% of your hair that you had before b5 . im not sure if it changes dna or the actual hair follicle or the sebum glands. its obviously something you haven’t been through your self so you should stop trying to bench people on
  10. Nac or n actyl cysteine dosent help either if any of you were thinking of going down that route . Hyalronic acid supplements could be worth a go but I need to look into it abit more first
  11. There is not one person who cured there b5 hair loss on this whole forum. the hairloss from b5 isn’t gradule when you have been taking high doses after about five months your hair falls out in hand fulls not just from the top of the head like male pattern baldness but your hair falls out in handfuls from the entire scalp and it happens rapidly, i don’t know what causes it and how to rectify it but I can tell you what I’ve tried over the last 8 years and dosent work. not hor
  12. Okay but as soon as you start getting dry lips that’s if you do stop immediately
  13. Think your wasting your time no point taking omega three unless you have had a blood test and shown as deficient. i eat tuna twice a week and other fish plus we cook with olive oil and I eat nuts so I won’t be deficient keep me posted though and good luck with it after all everyone is different but I don’t think taking omega three every day is a cure it will eventually build up in your system to the point of overdose it’s very high vitamin a and is fat soluble
  14. You won’t me omega three deficient you would have more serious symptoms than hair loss if you were. overdose of omega three is probably worse than been deficient