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  1. Hello I had been trying out the caveman regimen for almost three weeks now, only washing my face with water at night. But recently, I'm breaking out like crazy like I had never before. I'm 17, Asian mix skin. Before trying this out, my acne was fading quite a little bit and it was almost healing. I don't know what I should do now, all my relatives are urging me to go back to my 20 like minutes skincare routine. Should I give up?
  2. Hello, good to hear that you cleared your skin. I'm still on my way to it...I started to break out around 12-13, and had been using skin care products for it around 4 years. I didn't find any improvement after spending so much money on it so I just finished the last of them. I've been on the caveman regimen for around two weeks, I washed my face with cleanser 2-3 times in the first week though because I put make up on. Since then, I had been only washing my with water at night and oc