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  1. I was wondering if anyone has tried this self tanner. It says it doesn't clog pores...I tested it out on a few areas of my body first and it seems as if i never got color. I just put it on my face so we will see...
  2. You should try to get the highest spf possible. When i asked my doc about tanning she said to stop using differin for 2 days before going in the sun because it can stay in your system. But that is for tanning purposes.... i hope that kinda helped i would say to let your skin get alittle sun w/ out having the differin on your skin.. it really did wonders for mine..
  3. i heard aloe vera juice is great for you. BUt you have to be careful that it is the real stuff and it doesn't have sugar and all those perservatives added. I think it is especially good for healing....so it wouldn't hurt
  4. I've been really reading up on foods and the skin and have decided to try a juice fast for 2 days. Basically this is a detox for the body. Many people say fasting is great for the body to help restore itself but with juice you are still getting vitamins and minerals. Basically all the juice should be made fresh at home.. not that nasty 2% juice from the store that is loaded with chemicals. If you interested this is going to be my day: Pre Detox (day before): Only have fruits, veg's, and
  5. So my yoga teacher at college told me to get this book.. and i started to read it and it has a section on acne and diet. It says that Acne can actually be caused by a skin diabetes. That some peoples skin can not get rid of the sugar so acne develops. There was a study done on eskimos that once their normal high fat diet was introduced to a westernized diet the children began to experience acne.
  6. Hey.. I was just wondering i never had bad acne before until now and i have these red marks that i cover up every single day. Now my gym membership kicks on again and I have no idea what i should do b/c i am too embarrassed to leave the house w/ out makeup???
  7. I have been using the benzaclin since december. It cleared me up pretty well... the differin has been about a week I would say.... I just dont want to start using something that would make me break out first b/c then i will have those red marks forever!!
  8. Give it time.. Eventually your skin wont become as dry anymore. I went from using it once a day to two times a day. I started differin at night for the redmarks and it hasn't been doing much but causing me to breakout. Anyone else have this experience?
  9. I have been on yasmin for about 4 months now. In the beginning I was alittle down, alittle nauseous but it never got to the point that I would have stopped taking it. Stick with it because by the end of the 2nd month I was fine. The only thing i have noticed is that I am alittle more emotional.
  10. My derm just put me on differin for the red marks.. has this helped anyone? I have been using if for 2 days and have 2 new zits...has anyone else had an initial breakout?? B/c i dont know if i should start putting benzaclin ontop of the differin b/c that has helped my skin alot.. thanks
  11. any experience any bad side effects with the cortisone shots???? and if not how long until the cyst went away?
  12. I heard that prescriptives makes custom made foundation..oil free, color etc.. has anyone heard anything about this?
  13. I am sure ten years down the line they are going to find out that the chemicals in self tanners cause some type of cancer also.
  14. honestly if you think about it tanning causes sun damage and dries out your skin causing wrinkles. Now .. has anyone thought of what will happen to our skin b/c we constantly use BP, SA, Sulfur! BP is so strong it makes the skin peel.. that can't be healthy.
  15. The sun doesn't cause acne.. its the heat and sweat that would cause it.. Actually i think the uv rays will kill some baceteria and if you aren't sweating will cause your skin to dry out .. Its extremely bad for scars on the other hand b/c it will make them darker.