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  1. I have since gone for my 3rd, 4th and 5th isolaz treatment. At first, i really wasn't seeing much of improvement. Then all of a sudden at my 5th isolaz, i had a significant reduction in acne. It was amazing. The redness also went down by quite a bit. But of course, since i am also under topical medication. Right now, i am absolutely certain that the isolaz treatment is working. In fact, my dermatologist said that my acne is sure to clear in 3 weeks time. I have already gone through 1 entire mon
  2. Isolaz works!

    I am writing this review to encourage those who has stopped isolaz after their first treatment or second treatment to give it more time and keep continuing. However, do not rely on it entirely, get your doctor to prescribe you with retin a, topical antibiotics and oral antibiotics. This is going to get to the root of the problem of ance. You are probably gonna start doubting yourself along the way but just keep going. This might seem like a really long journey but just hang in there. It will be
  3. This cream works wonders!

    This review for people who have really sensitive skin. I used to have this product on my entire face for almost year and it not only cleared my ance, it repaired the damages left by the ance. However, one day my dermatologist told me that Stevia A stopped the production of the cream and i was literally out of it. Next, my ance started breaking again. I was so desperate, i went for isolaz thinking that it will solve everything. It did help my skin kickstart the purging phase. Here's the nightmare
  4. It was real bad!

    I had terrible breakout all over the areas i used it. Please don't use it. The last thing i want to see is someone having to go through what i did with ance.
  5. I just wanted to share my experience of isolaz and topical treatment. First of all, a little background of myself. I have suffered from ance for about 10 years of my life. I am now 23 years old and i am just sick of it. Through my 10 years, i have broken severely twice because of using unsuitable makeup and also not removing it properly. As i had really sensitive and dry skin, i decided to use really mild cleansers to clean off my makeup. I used to have avene gentle milk cleanser to take off my
  6. Laurenpaige

    Isolaz works!

    Isolaz works!

    One year ago, i broke out in terrible ance and decided to go for a session of isolaz. However, i did not continue with the treatment because it was too expensive. Instead, i continued with 10 other chemical peel within a span of a year. That did clear up my skin together with topical treatment of tretinoin 0.05 (nightly) and differin 0.1 (morning). I was so grateful to have back beautiful skin for a while and started trying new makeup products. That was when all hell broke loose within 3 months.