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  1. Hi Guys. I’ve been too busy to read the forum for awhile and as I’m reading as fast as I can to try to catch up, I’m still probably 50 pages behind, so I apologize if some of this has been hashed over and discarded as useless. I’ll say this first, because I think it’s most valuable of all I’m going to say. I saw awhile back that some are willing to try about anything – so maybe someone would try this – it was mentioned a hundred pages or so back, if it sounds familiar. I doubt anyone
  2. Well, please disregard this earlier comment. On researching it further, the doctor who originally recommended it now feels that the reason you don't get high is because so very little of it is absorbed. So in general, RSO by suppository is a waste of money, time, and effort.
  3. So here's a tidbit of info that might be useful to some. I've been doing some research on RSO, and it seems if you take it by suppository, you do not get high. Bad thing about that, though, is with that delivery it is not processed through the liver, so would not do any healing there.
  4. @Kynarr Thank you so much, Kynarr, for the advice. He started at lunch today on only the CdG. He will stick to your suggestion of the 1g 3x per day and hold off on the glucunolactone for now. I'm a bit confused by your second paragraph, though. Doesn't CdG clear toxins from the liver, vitamin A amongst them? Has anyone tried L-Lysine along with anything else? It is on a couple of lists of DHT blockers, not as a DHT blocker, but as a product that enhances them.
  5. Sorry for two posts in a row - it's a catch-up day. Kudos to you all for the great strides you are making! Whoever figured out that there may be two types of sufferers deserves a Nobel prize. If it's true, it narrows by half the things to try. So, I need some advice. My son is on break from university now and is anxious to feel better. I think the RSO resolved his ED enough that he's satisfied with it where it is. Maybe not quite where he was pre-tane, but seems to feel good knowing
  6. @HideAndSeek So sorry to hear your sides are back. That must be frustrating. Definitely don't take an anti-depressant, unless your doctor will give you a prescription for an older generation one. The SSRIs that they give now have many of the same side effects that Accutane does. (Just google PSSD - that's "post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction). They also come with depersonalization, lack of motivation, and a host of other psychological side effects. My family has actually been more damaged by an S
  7. He took 40 mg 2x/day for, I think, 6 months. Total 14,400 mg. The only side effect he complained about was sexual dysfunction. But blood tests show his billirubins high, and I know he still suffers from dryness, especially his lips.
  8. My son has had success with RSO. After several months of 0 erections ever. Earlier in this forum and also on the "allthingsmale" forum, post accutane sufferers gave instructions on how to use it. My son was never able to get up to the amount that they said worked for them, but even taking it sporadically and in much smaller doses, he restored himself to several mornings a week back to the normal morning erections. PM me and I can give you specifics about how to get it if you'd like. I earli
  9. I have some input regarding the whole cannabis thing.... Some might remember my son B was having good success with the small doses of RSO, but couldn't tolerate the THC. So right after the above comment, he switched to only CBD. I'll attach, if I can, the brochure for the product he is using. He says he is having just as much, if not more, success with the CBD only - more frequent morning erections, maybe other improvements also (I don't ask too many questions. ) Anyway, because of its me
  10. No offense taken, guitarman. Would've been more believable if the Dr. had given his full name. Regarding skirting the legalities, though, I'm finding that there are traditional doctors who've lost faith in traditional medicine, much like many of us have. My family has now been severely damaged by side effects of two prescriptions that were sold to us as completely safe. Surprisingly, in my outspoken anger, I've found a few allies. I think that's where the medical cannabis doctors are coming
  11. Seems very likely that the sexual dysfunction could be caused by inflammation. The tubes that carry nitrous oxide are so tiny, only a slight bit of inflammation could stop the flow. Regarding antihistamines - brings to mind this comment from someone who at least had a temporary cure from Loratadine - an allergy medication antihistamine - Also - did anyone see this comment on the RXisk website comment section on Accutane? Steroids are taken for inflammation especially in the cases of arthri
  12. Hi all. Thanks for all your research and passing it on to us. Just checking in to give an update and post blood test results my son (B) had done awhile back. He took 40 mg every day for I believe 6 months, beginning in August of 2012. Main side effect - complete sexual dysfunction (zero erections in 6 months at least) also emotional flatness. He doesn't think he has other sides, but I see his bilirubin and cholesterol are both high, so maybe they just aren't showing up yet. RSO is legal a
  13. MovingOnMusicGal I'm not an Accutane victim myself, but I've had experience with Candida. In case others are wanting something to try, this product worked for me. I will pm you also. http://www.sagewomanherbs.com/store/#!/Yeast-X/c/1378720/offset=0&sort=nameAsc
  14. Gladiatoro's earlier post reminded me that I found this promising article: http://medicalmarijuanainc.com/cirrhosis-medical-marijuana-research/ Sounds like liver damage can be reversed.
  15. Guys, my son is wanting to try to beef up. He's hoping to start lifting weights, like before he had accutane side effects. He wants to take zinc, manganese, and creatine. He also wants to increase his protein intake. I lost track of whether taking zinc is good or not. Advice, please? What should I tell him regarding these supplements? Guitarman, glad to see you back on the forum. I was worried about you with your abdominal pain.