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  1. Interesting, but I can't really understand the study that dan mentions... can anyone explain this in simple terms lol.
  2. On a different note, does anyone know what dan kern's position is on the diet/acne relationship? I remember him saying a while ago that they were not related, but maye he changed his mind.
  3. Just found an article that has a similiar agenda as this post from http://acneresearch.org/blog/?p=7 Acne As A Predominently Western Disease As many acne sufferers know, one of the first steps to understanding the acne conundrum is realizing that people who live in 3rd world countries, such as regions of Africa and Asia, rarely suffer from acne. Acne is primarily a western disease and was prompted by a western lifestyle, which includes minimal exercise and encourages a diet filled with fat and
  4. Anyway, as the title suggests, just ran into this web site, http://www.acneresearch.org. Read through some stuff and it seems okay. Anyway, this post is really about, how can you really trust a web site? I mean how do I know if someone's advice is credible or not? The guy recommends diet with benzyl peroxide. Anyway, I'd appreciate it if someone could check it out and see if it worth following or not. I guess i'm sick of getting bad advice (remember the person who told you to piss on your fac
  5. Your very pretty. You hardly have any acne at all (None that I can tell from your pictures). There is nothing to cry about.
  6. I have had this exact experience many times. Don't you wish the whole world had dimmer lights -- then no one would hardly notice anything.
  7. This doesnt make much sense to me, considering most people "consume" meat for ten consecutive days all the time. I eat meat everyday, so why do I still have acne!?!?
  8. How is it incomplete? When you were a little kid, you didn't have acne. As soon as you hit puberty, and your hormones went crazy, thats when you get acne! It would seem that hormones are the relevant difference between people who have acne and people who do not. One flaw in the theory is that all weight trainers would have severe acne that occured proportionally to how much they trained. I think the hormonal issue encompasses females moreso then males, like premenstrual acne and acne relate
  9. It makes perfect sense. Fruit juice is a concentrated form of the energy source of the fruit and is largely stripped of its nutrients. The 'juice' is just there for energy, the actual plant material contains all of the nutrients, antioxidants, and so forth. It's essentially like the difference between processed white bread and whole grain. Also, in eating fruit, you're less likely to consume as many calories and sugar as you would if you merely drank the juice. Maybe I'm inheren
  10. This makes no sense. Fruit juice and fruit have exactly the same amount of sugar. The only thing your pointing out, is fruit has more nutriants and other benefits, as opposed to fruit juice which is really nothing but sugar. And yes, fruit is probably bad for acne, due to the sugar.
  11. How is it incomplete? When you were a little kid, you didn't have acne. As soon as you hit puberty, and your hormones went crazy, thats when you get acne! It would seem that hormones are the relevant difference between people who have acne and people who do not.
  12. So you think that diet is 100% responsible for acne?
  13. Sorry to highjack this thread again, but can someone explain to me why other cultures dont' experience acne. For example, there has never ever been a reported eskimo with acne. Additionally, it is almost indisputable that people from other cultures, and third world countries rarely have acne (all though there is a few). Is this genetic? related to diet?
  14. The longer you live the more you realize how spiritualism has more merit than realism. There is no reality, just your experience, which bends and twists with your spiritualism. Sorry, I am really stoned right now.
  15. How is it possible not to have hormonal acne? The fact that most people get acne at around 13 or 14 when puberty starts the raging hormones is indicative that acne must be directly related to hormones. Anyway, whats your thing that works wonderfully?!
  16. isnt the goal of typical bulimia to shed off pounds? In the case I mentioned above, the goal is to irradicate acne.
  17. If the pimple has already been formed, then it will emerge eventually, regardless of the "inflammatory contributing factor". Unless your saying that the pimple will exist beneath the skin in "limbo", and never come out unless dietary influences are brought into hte picture.
  18. An hour after the parties, go to the bathroom and throw up all the sweets :D I'm just kidding. Did I just invent a new version of bulimia??
  19. On these boards, I see a lot of people say that one particular food item, or vitamin made them brake out. But this seems impossible to me, because a pimple takes months to form. For example: "I ate a kiwi, and the next day I broke out!" It would seem self evident to me, that eating a kiwi could not have such an immidiate effect on the skin. You would need to eat kiwi's for 3 months, and then deterrmine what effect they had on your skin. Thus, you cannot possibley know how something effects
  20. Anyway, I never had acne until puberty. Since the difference between being a child, and being a teenager is increased hormone levels, I would argue that hormones are causing acne. They do this by increasing sebum production! Someone explain where my reasoning is wrong.
  21. This pretty much sums it up. People with acne tend to stay inside and play videogames because of the antisocial tendencies that acne instigates. This is why there is the "acne & videogames" sterotype.
  22. How and where did you get the impression that acne forms from the collection of sebum on the surface of the skin? Bryan Well Bryan, I've been meaning to ask you some things, since you seem to be the authority on scientifically proven research in regards to acne. (As opposed to anecdotal evidence, ie, "this worked for me, so it must be the cure!"). Here are my questions, aimed specifically to you, though anyone is welcome to answer: Do you believe there is a strong connection betwe
  23. As the title says, "what would happen if I kept my head underwater all day?" It would seem that no sebum would be able to collect on the surface of my skin, so it would be literally impossible for acne to form. For those who are desperate enough, would this work by keeping your head underwater for 8 - 14 hours a day? lol.