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  1. Yes, diarrhea can be somewhat dangerous. It can be dehydrating and it strips the body of needed nutrients, as R.S. said. Please keep yourself healthy. I get diarrhea quite freqnetly and it always concerns my doctors.
  2. I've been throwing in whatever I have. The taste has been quite different each time. This time, I put in a tomato, a massive amount of greens, about 1/2 cup of yogurt, one apple, a little ice, some shreaded coconut, several almunds, a little milk, and some water. Holy cow.... it's like the best desert I've ever tasted. I normally wouldn't put the dairy in but I'm going out of town for a couple of weeks and wanted to clean out the fridge. Thanks again for putting me onto the green smoothies
  3. When I opened this thread I thought it was about apple enemas. I was hoping the apples would be blended, or somehow broken down, but you never know...
  4. It seems to me, there is some extremely high quality research and product development going on right here on this site. What could be more useful to an acne sufferer than this place? I only found the site a few weeks ago and I just signed up to the forums a few days ago so I don't know a lot about it but I hope Dan is making money from the BP sales. I have ordered Dan's BP product and will certainly support other products he offers wherever possible. I've never found a resource as good as th
  5. It's great to hear people are enjoying the drinks. I am too. This is my third day and my bowel has never been this loose unless I've got diarrhea. I'm scared to sit down for fear of having a reflex shit. I've been trying to dump at work as much as I can because I don't want to burn through all of my TP. This thread helped me realize how deficient I am of certain nutrients. I think it's a wonderful idea. I hope it helps my acne but, even if not, it's still great to pick up a few nutrition
  6. You are going to need to do some strength training and some fat burn to change your body image. You don't need to lift huge weights and be ripped like a body builder to benefit from strength training. Use light weights, control the movements, and do quite a few reps. It's best to workout two or three times per week but you don't have to do a lot unless you want to get big. Look at a split that has you doing 3~5 exercises 2 or 3 times per week. It is easily doable in 15 minutes and doesn't t
  7. I've been making ice/fruit/yogurt/milk smoothies for a couple of years. I use them to hide the taste of some less appetizing things i need to consume. After reading about the green smoothie, I realized I don't eat enough green leafy vegetables. Regardless of it's effect on acne, it's a great idea. I threw in a big load of romaine lettuce and tons of other stuff. Basically, I went to the grocerie and picked up everything that looked decent. After blending it looked like guacaomole and taste
  8. If I was crapping four times per day, all that would be spraying out would be a coffee colored mist. Four times per day is no part of any normalcy that I've ever heard of. Angelis, your girlfriend is dumping more than once per week. I lived with a woman for a couple of years and was pretty sure didn't lay down a deuce the whole time. It turned out, she was going at work. The bowel needs to move. Some ladies may not burn down the powder room every morning but they're definitely squirting ou
  9. Thank you very much Elsewhere and Independant Thinker.
  10. Thanks. I wouldn't normally mention it to anyone but the anonymity of this web site made it seem OK. Pretty much everyone who knows about my treatment looks at me with puppy dog eyes and coddles me with compassion. It's wonderfully intended but absolutely unnecessary. It makes me feel guilty and undeserving. I'm in good shape and won't be going anywhere soon. :) There is one exception to the coddling group. When I was in the hospital, a buddy of mine left a voice mail message asking wh
  11. There are times when I don't workout. It really shows on my skin. I always shower after a workout and I'm pretty sure the gym I use doesn't have soft water so my face is always dry and scaly afterward. This seems to help a great deal. Also, when I work out and am in good shape I sweat less. I believe this helps also but I have no solid evidence to back this up. I also think getting a good amount of sleep helps. About three years ago, I started chemotherapy that lasted just under a year.