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  1. I never had used the 3 row roller but definitely interested Ive heard you have more control and can make the needles penetrate further but I dont know personally. I use 302 products sometimes and occasionally l-asborbic acid which is a vitamin c but not consistently topicals tend to aggraviate my acne, and yes it will defineitely help with scarred pores.
  2. Nothing lol Im pretty pain tolerant! I did try some emla from the office and it didnt seem to make that much of a difference for the time. We do have another one that works faster I may try it one day. But I do recommend you to use one because the more aggressive and the more pin points of course the better the results.
  3. Thank you guys so much for the kind words! I know this is my mission why else would I've been cursed with acne and scars if it wasnt to help others and to have empathy for our situation. To answer your questions no I did not use terproline, I used 2.0 dermaroller and I also used diabetic 30 gauge lancet to needle some of the deeper ones, I used the led every night for the first two months and now I use every other night which seems to be working even better, and lastly my scarring was mainly box
  4. At first I was doing them every 2 weeks I did about 6 and then I took a 2-3 month break those were without the leds. Then I resumed back with the leds I would say roughly about 4 more times about 4-6 weeks apart and alot more aggressive! Percentage wise I would say roughly about 80% better.
  5. I too like lamarr have had great success with this method. I seldon ever post because I am a bit shy but most of all real busy. I work at a doctors office and of course I do lasers, so trust me I have tried it all and skin care has been a passion of mine since I was little. Having acne and then later resulting in scars made my thurst for knowledge even that much greater. Well to shorten my 8 year journey I've been dermarolling and needling for close to a year and as of 3 months ago I added the r
  6. I second that beautifulskinagain. I have felt down a many of days. But i was also very determined that i was going to win this fight. and thru knowledge alot of experimenting and first off prayer i think i have almost won! Dermarolling, and as of 3 months ago leds(red/infrared/amber) have been a blessing. Its been close to a year with dermarolling and ive had great sucess! If only I would have known years ago it would have been alot of heartache and money saved! But thats ok cause i know now. Th
  7. Wow this is getting interesting! I've been doing some research on glucomannan and what I found was a website selling a product that reduces oil by curving insulin spikes and low and behold the main ingredient was glucomannan! An acne system for $100 for 60 day supply of basically glucomannan! You guys are really on to something here. Check out the website very interesting stuff to back up everything thats been discussed its Oratin.com!
  8. Did you notice any decrease in oil production with the pgx?
  9. WEEK 3 for me and I am acne free! Last week is when I really started to tell a difference! I was taking the natures way but switched to the source naturals I prefer it. I take 2 100mg in the morning and two at night when I was taking the natures way smaller amount I was just not seeing the dramatic changes like with the higher dosage of the source naturals. I really started to see a decrease in my oil production as well! I pray these results continue I know Im the poster child for estrogen domi
  10. Thats the product I was speaking of the calcium D-Glucarate. How are your oil productions since changing to the dim vs genistein?
  11. I actually looked at it at the vitamin shoppe when I bought my dim because in the 25 page thread on another forum that pixixekurlz and someone else posted the link to I think the girl stephanie talked some about her experience with it and how it helped most of her symptoms and the the dim helped the rest. But dotty why do you think it did not help your acne when you tried it a year ago?
  12. ok I bought mine today at vitamin shoppe natures way, Im goning to start out with two twice a day just to jump start things then I'll gradually start to decrease. I fit all the signs of hormonal inbalance and out of everything i tried this one really makes the most sense for me. I'm a medical esthetician and my skin means so much to my career im so sick of looking like a bumpy oily mess as the day goes on its so embarrasing. My last step was going to be accutane considering I have tried it all,
  13. hows everyone's oil production while using dim?
  14. Sie have you noticed any reduction in your oil secreations as of yet?
  15. dotty1 how much genistein are you taking now and what brand are you using?
  16. Thats exactly what happened to me as well! I was on b5 for about a year and a half before I started breaking out again and my oil starting coming back it, wasnt really bad so I just started uping my dosage again. My weight kept dropping and I just started to realize that this is not healthy in the long run.I stopped taking the b5 and my acne stayed somewhat at bay for awhile when I deceided to go off b5 compleley. Months later I started breaking out BAD!! The worst breakouts in my life thats wh
  17. I actually got the primal defense"hso probiotic formula" in the powder form,but I wish I would have got the ultra but man was it expensive! I paid like $32 dollars for mine which you get more servings of course verses the pills.
  18. Hi Lilivg I just purchased the garden of life primal defense today! The guy at the vitamin shoppe highly reccomened it out of all of them. They really do make superior products. Thanks to you and everyone else here Ive changed my diet alot hardly no sugars at all now and Im seeing some nice changes and Im also supplementing with other things too but Im going to go off everything and see what the primal defense and diet changes will do on their own. I'll keep you guys posted. oh btw my dad has al
  19. Anyone heard of Amatokin before? It supposed to be a peptide-based creme that claims to activate adult stem cells in the skin to smooth and reduce the depth of wrinkles. Its been also used in early research on healing burns. Wonder what your thoughts are on this for scars?