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  1. Hi Poppy, I can understand yourself because as many on this forum, I m in the same situation. I m 36 and I m still assaulted by what I see in mirror in some lights and sensations I have on my face. I had many lasers in the past, first a CO2 ultrapulsed that causes a 2 weeks eviction then later fractioned laser and I didn t obtain a satisfying result. I don t say lazers are useless, but I can say lazers wont be able to fill holes, they just smouth scars outlines. I decided last year to try t
  2. Ok Ommmmmm it s a big procedure as me. I have aprehension for scars cutting however I had in the past lazer CO2 with local anesthesia. I m waiting for your news with your traitment.
  3. Hi Ommmmm, thank you. I will keep you posted. You will have the same interventions so, that s what I understood in your last post. Say me if I mistaked. Happy to speak with you all, there is no specialised forum as it in France.
  4. Thank you Lalena, I hope my scar elevations before dermabrasion will give me good results. I wish you good luck with your new traitment too. The date approach for me and I feel more and more downcast.
  5. Thank you for your opinions. Ommmmm, thank you for your indications. Subcisions seem to be effiscient but I can t stop the punchs/excision+dermabrasion now because I had to negotiate with my employer, many months ago to be absent 2 months. So I will do this and see later if problems persist. That s why I d like to see testimonys from peaple that experienced the same interventions. My hope is to obtain disappearance of some scars and an homogeneity of the skin surface.
  6. Hi everyone, I come here to have opinions on the technic I mentioned in the title. I try to repair my acne scars since many years. I'm 36. I had lazer ultra-pulsed (CO2) then fractioned lazer. I don t believe anymore in the lazer and I can say that it disorganize dermis. Life is difficult and all the peaple that have this problem know that. I gave up to look for an other traiment for my scars and one day it comes back, I feel so bad that I must go again in the surgery. I decided a
  7. Ok Noa27, I think I know this doctor, some months before I exchanged mails with a doctor from belgium that practised scars elevations and mechanic dermabrasion and subcisions if I remember. But I gave up because of problem of money and professional reason. And also because the doctor proposed to make acid injections under the scars before thinking of chirurgy. Is there peaple who can give me their opinion on scars elevation (punch and excision) + mechanic dermabrasion ?
  8. Hi everyone, Lalena, as yourself, I don t believe anymore in lazers. I had lazers interventions in the past so I can judge the efficiency of this traitment and understood the action of it. And I think lazers disorganise dermis. I say "scar elevations" because I don t know how to translate in english. I mean the technic of cutting the scars, detach it and align the bottom of the scar with the level of the skin. The doctor use punch instruments to do this. PCT14, yes I think this is what
  9. Hello Mail8, when you say "excision" and "punch" do you mean scar elevation technic ? I live in france and will have scar elevations and later mechanic dermabrasion. I see on this forum many peaple speak about subcision, but in france I don hear about it. Is subcision technic better than scar elevation ?
  10. Hello Lalena, thank you for your testimony. When you say dermabrasion, are you speaking about lazer dermabrasion or mecanic dermabrasion ? There is no subcision traitment here but I will have scras elevations before dermabrasion, I don t know if it s a good translation from french, you can see what I mean on this post, photos are at the bottom : http://forum.doctissimo.fr/sante/acne-psoriasis/fractionne-cicatrices-creux-sujet_176366_2.htm
  11. Hello everyone, I come on this english forum because scar treatment techniques seem more advanced than in France where I live. I have read many posts that talked about subcision. Here we do not hear about subcision. For acne scars, the most known treatment is the lazer. I had different lazer interventions in the past. In a few weeks, I will have bearings scars (scars elevation with punch you see ?) and mechanical dermabrasion and I wanted to know if some of you had such operations