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Lucky Charms

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  1. Happy 21st Birthday! Have a fabulous day!

    1. Hey Sarah, thanks for the comment. Things are great with me. Ready for a much needed summer break?

      1. How are things going in the Great White North?

        1. Thank You for the Happy Mother's Day message! So sweet and thoughtful. I got beautiful gerbera daisies, blueberry pancakes for breakfast and salmon for dinner...these are a few of my favorite things!

          1. I saw The Cure in 1986 when you were.........


            1. What did the bumpersticker say? I missed it.

              1. Congratulations

                Reid! Do me proud and get good grades.

                1. After reading your past few posts, I like you better than ever!Well said!

                  1. Laura, It was so awesome. I was star struck! I think I'm in love with Joe King! Well worth the $35 concert ticket.

                    1. Happy Birthday, Molly from one Taurus to another!

                      1. Hey!

                        Going to see The Fray in concert Wed. night!

                        1. Well Happy Birthday to you too!

                          1. No, Raleigh.

                            Isn't Eastland in Harper Woods?

                            1. Guess where I went today?

                              1. Now would I hound you? Please so unlike me.

                                1. Bless you for serving our country. Your face looks fabulous for having been struck by a bomb! You don't have to worry 'bout a thing!

                                  1. I know you haven't been around for ages, but I hope you are having a great birthday wherever you are.

                                    1. Hey Cutie!

                                      Thanks for the sweet comment. I'm still around and doing fine. Hope you're ok too.

                                      1. Happy Birthday Reise! Hope you have a great day!!

                                        1. I think Lucy may be the cutest dog I've ever seen!

                                          1. What's up Doc?

                                            1. What were you doing up so late last night?

                                              Have a nice day!