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Lucky Charms

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  1. I swear I remember Quisp!

    1. Love your avatar Miss Froot Loops!

      1. Thanks for complimenting my sparkly windows. It's nice when my efforts get noticed.

        1. Lucky Charms

          Clippers Game.JPG

          Great picture of you and hubby!
        2. Either you're standing me up or you're fashionably late.

          1. Maybe we should change our user names. Fruity Pebbles and Lucky Charms.

            1. Stopped drinking?!?! Why ever would you do that?

              1. un-tuck your penis from in between your butt cheeks?? omg. priceless.

                1. Hey Elizabeth, you look awesome! Yes, you can do fillers while on Accutane but I don't think you need them.
                2. Happy Sweetest Day!

                  1. Dammit fckin shit! I missed your call. I tried calling you back. Were you in the streets with Keeley?

                    1. Is that a Bud Light in an aluminum bottle?!?! I those aluminum bottles! So frosty.
                    2. You don't even want to know how many times I've listened to my voicemail.

                      1. Shoot! We were trying to keep it a secret! Shh.

                        1. That dog is so damn cute!

                          1. I knew you'd go out tonight! And I have a question, how come the same people are checking out both of our profiles? Do you think they know about our torrid love affair? Hey, I didn't tell anybody.

                            1. Hey! I went through a lot of trouble for you today so you better frickin cheer up and real soon too. P.S. Keep an eye on your post
                            2. Sounded like you were at Grand Central Station in the middle of a raging thunderstorm!

                              1. OK that was rude! What did I say?!?!

                                1. Lucky Charms

                                  les mis

                                  new hair color
                                2. I'd smuggle Jujubes into the theatre with you any day. And did I tell you I carry a flask in my knickers? Let's bring Jose and Jack!

                                  1. Lucky Charms

                                    No spots! :D

                                    Could you get any cuter??????? I love your top/dress! You resemble the Olsen twins a bit.