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Lucky Charms

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  1. You weren't Arthur for very long :(

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my thread. I am proud to be a Domestic Diva!

      1. Lucky Charms

        After 'Tane

        You guys all look so color coordinated...did you plan it? You look awesome in this pic, E.! Very natural and pretty.
      2. Lucky Charms

        More after

        Your hair is getting so long! Love it. The area where your dad lives looks lovely.
      3. This is so cute. Red looks great on you, E.! What the hell is your sis drinking? Looks like a Shirley Temple!
      4. Happy Thanksgiving!

        1. I guess I have more important things to do than create 7 threads in one day....a bit excessive, don't cha think?
        2. Become a mod, then you can do it yourself.
        3. Exactly, Ryan, NOW do you understand why I love this pic so much? http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/74/gall...47457367qu6.jpg
        4. I liked "nicro" better!

          1. Open? I don't remember.

            1. Hammered was a good way of putting it. And can I just say...TRAITOR! You're lucky I still love you.

              1. Sorry I skipped out on you last night. It was my turn to talk to Ryan. Hope tonight is better for you darling.

                1. Now THAT is the cutest avatar evar.

                  1. Thanks for the sweet comment in my thread. It made my day.