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Lucky Charms

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  1. Your personal photo is adorable. Let's meet up at Trader Joe's. They have THEE best chocolate covered frozen bananas.

    1. Happy Holidays!

      Chat soon.

      1. Loved, loved, loved the card. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too, my love!

        1. Where you been Pebbly Poo?

          1. You weren't Arthur for very long :(

            1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my thread. I am proud to be a Domestic Diva!

              1. Happy Thanksgiving!

                1. I liked "nicro" better!

                  1. Open? I don't remember.

                    1. Hammered was a good way of putting it. And can I just say...TRAITOR! You're lucky I still love you.

                      1. Sorry I skipped out on you last night. It was my turn to talk to Ryan. Hope tonight is better for you darling.

                        1. Now THAT is the cutest avatar evar.

                          1. Thanks for the sweet comment in my thread. It made my day.

                            1. I swear I remember Quisp!

                              1. Love your avatar Miss Froot Loops!

                                1. Thanks for complimenting my sparkly windows. It's nice when my efforts get noticed.

                                  1. Either you're standing me up or you're fashionably late.

                                    1. Maybe we should change our user names. Fruity Pebbles and Lucky Charms.

                                      1. Stopped drinking?!?! Why ever would you do that?