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Lucky Charms

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  1. Are you trying to tell me you're a woman?!?!

    1. Yeah, I can't stop looking at it. It's driving me crazy!

      1. Thank you.

        I had an awesome day!

        1. I can't compete with that doll...she's hot!

          1. Thought you'd like that...

            1. Hell, forget my birthday...It's Morgan Freeman Day!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!

              1. Where have you been Cutie Boy? I've missed you!

                1. That has GOT to be one of the funniest user names eva!

                  1. Thanks for tonight. You are truely amazing. I owe you bigtime.

                    1. But....I wasn't done with you...come back..please come back.

                      1. If I take a pic with my hand on my head, can I be one of your friends too?

                        1. Yeah if only I were 10 years younger and married to a millionaire...

                          1. Easter just isn't Easter without Peeps. But I warned you!

                            1. Happy Birthday! Man, these years fly, don't they?

                              1. Happy Happy Leap Day!

                                1. Did you get my text? It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

                                  1. and I give the love right back to you...How was the lobster ravioli? YummO I presume.

                                    1. omg I totally missed your birthday. I'm so sorry. Well Happy Belated B-day and congrats on being legal in the U.S.!

                                      1. Well, my dear, the only way you'd know that is if you were stalking him yourself!!!

                                        1. Happy Birthday Gorgeous!