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  1. I've had acne 27 years and counting...
  2. If you didn't care about your acne, why did you go on accutane? I have been on accutane a few times and although it hasn't cured my acne permanently (currently I'm completely clear since I'm on a low dose), it has lessened the severity of my acne and given me relief when I needed it most. I am at my happiest and most content when I am on accutane. I doubt it will ever be banned...at least I hope not for my kids' sake in case they inherit their mother's dreadful skin.
  3. Yeah, toasty here too. School starts in 2 weeks. I'm so not ready.

    1. Hey handsome. Are you surviving this sweltering summer?

      1. I was just checking you out since you checked me out. Are you a type 1 diabetic?

        1. TOOKER, can you get ahold of a glucometer (maybe a friend's, family member's...)? You can check your own blood. Check in the morning before breakfast (fasting) and if your glucose level is 100+, you should see your doctor. You can always buy one too. This one is super inexpensive. http://greatlakeshomehealthcare-store.stor...o.net/eagl.html
        2. I wouldn't use anything medicated...may burn and irritate. I use plain ol' Aquaphor. http://i.ivillage.com/BS/products_shopping...quaphor_366.jpg
        3. I have type 1 diabetes and require 4-5 insulin shots a day. Fat or no fat, until they discover a cure, my body will require insulin to stay alive.
        4. Not sure if I'm considered holistic or not, but I'm on a low dose currently and loving it.
        5. And yeah, E., being 25 is rough. I feel so sorry for you, you poor thing!

          1. You mean like Thanatos makes me uncomfortable?!? We're all still here on Coxindale Drive. Look for me online...I'm still alive and kicking.

            1. Happy Actual Birthday! Have a great day!

              1. I know I'm close and our profiles don't show birthdates anymore so Happy Birthday!

                1. Is the rumor true? I'm finally gonna lay my hands...um uh... I mean my eyes on the real Walter?!?!

                  1. I don't wash my chicken nor my fruit. Are you still coming down?

                    1. Awesome.

                      I need some chocolate covered frozen bananas............Yumm-O!

                      1. Packed yet?

                        All you really need is a bathing suit and Miralax. See you soon!

                        1. Did you read my newest comment from one of the nicest people you'll ever meet? He is SO nice. Hope we get to meet the world's nicest guy soon:)

                          1. Thank you, Brandy! I really appreciate it.

                            1. Happy 21st Birthday Dollface Loverboy.

                              1. You-know-who strikes us both again. I wonder if she knows he keeps visiting my profile. It's making me SO uncomfortable.

                                1. I'm glad you guys were safe from Jason while camping. Tim and I enjoyed sushi in a cozy sushi bar and saw Les Miserables on Broadway...exciting and memorable! We also shopped all 3 Anthropologies...Tim bought me 2 new outfits. I'll show them to you when you visit.

                                  1. You have an amazing unique and stunning beauty. You also have the most perfect nose I have ever seen.
                                  2. I will be thinking of you tonight hoping you have the time of your life at Camden Market. Knock one back for me.

                                    1. I wish that guy would stop stalking my profile. I think he likes me:o