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  1. Happygurl drinks 5-6 tsp./day. I don't think it matters if it is organic or Braggs.
  2. Adding honey or a sugar substitute can't hurt. I wouldn't add acv to hot liquids, though. I've been drinking 5-6 tsp/day for 6 days. I do see some improvment. I have no cysts at the moment like usual. I have a few small whitish zits. I have faith!!
  3. I have been consuming 5-6 tsp. of acv per day with water. My skin has improved considerably!! I'm in shock. I also stopped all topicals due to the irritation. My dry, sensitive, acne prone skin can only tolerate water, baby wipes to remove makeup and jojoba oil for moisture. So far, so good. Spread the news!
  4. HappyGurl, I feel like a lemur because I went to The Vitamin Shoppe yesterday and purchased a 32 oz. bottle of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for $5.79. The taste is MUCH better than the Wal-Mart brand I was drinking. I'm giving it a good go and maybe at Christmas I won't hide from the camera. Yeah, I read a little about the Braggs. Mrs. Bragg is a nutritionist to Hollywood Stars. Maybe that's the celebrities' secret to clear, glowing skin-----ACV!!!!!! Thanks for sharing and thanks fo
  5. Belle, That is strange that you would break out during the 6th month of accutane. I'm glad you're seeing your derm in 3 weeks. I was on Accutane 4 times. My acne improved each time but here I am in my 30's and still have 5-11 zits a day. My skin was completely clear during all the accutane courses plus 2 months after. Then it would slowly creep back each time. My courses were 3 mos., 5 mos., 5 mos. and 4 mos. Maybe I ahould have been on it longer--I don't know. I was so hopeful each time.
  6. Yeah, the taste really isn't that bad. Today I mixed 1 tsp with hot green tea and Splenda. If it works to control acne, it's worth it. Hey HappyGurl, you or your boyfriend don't work for Bragg, do you? JK!! Les Mis
  7. Happygurl, we chatted in the lounge last week and i took your advice. But i'm afraid i need to up my dosge of ACV. i was only consuming 1 tsp./day. So you consume 8-10tsp/day---right? And i am just drinking a Wal-Mart brand ACV. Where do you buy Braggs? Thanks for the tip. Les Mis