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  1. To get the full essence of Gio, you need some hot catholic bling, some nice clothes, italian leather shoes, a car to run people down with, and a gun to shoot at the crazy abusive ex with.

    the end.

    Got the Catholic bling down pat...kid goes to a Catholic school. Do you have a tank like this we can borrow?


    I got the cross and the shades down. And what the hell do we use to get him orange, err I mean tan?? My daughter has tons of pink lipgloss so I'm covered there. Any more suggestions?

  2. Im so sick of reading that crap! Its not the acne itself that caused me and other people to have suicidal ideations. Back then, I didnt even care about my acne

    If you didn't care about your acne, why did you go on accutane?

    I have been on accutane a few times and although it hasn't cured my acne permanently (currently I'm completely clear since I'm on a low dose), it has lessened the severity of my acne and given me relief when I needed it most. I am at my happiest and most content when I am on accutane. I doubt it will ever be banned...at least I hope not for my kids' sake in case they inherit their mother's dreadful skin.

  3. Wow...so good to know! Thanks!

    It's been 6 months and I've debated another Restylane treatment. (Also thought about Perlane and Juvederm.) But when I think about those needle pricks it gives me the heebie geebies...I was on the edge of the table. I also remember holding a little ice pack on my face for the rest of the day and I swear I'm not a wimp! I give myself 4-5 insulin shots a day and they are nothing compared to Restylane injections.

    I'm sure Artefill requires as many injections as Restylane, am I correct?

  4. I had some mild inflammation at the injection points for awhile .... it's gone now. Wasn't a huge problem, just a slight annoyance .... not really visible.

    Overall, my results were good right away and are still getting better (collagen builds around the microspheres).

    But I realize that it's important for me to add, I only got this procedure done at the beginning of last summer. So it hasn't even been a year yet ..... I can't speak to the long term. At this point, though, I'm infinitely happier with Artefill than I was with Restylane, which hurt like hell to get injected and then lasted less than 6 months. :doubt: