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Lucky Charms

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  1. Thanks for the sweet comment once again. Have a great semester!

    1. Love your avatar Miss Froot Loops!

      1. I swear I remember Quisp!

        1. Where have you been Cutie Boy? I've missed you!

          1. No, no crime at all. No need to report you to the ance.org police.................................................this time;)

            1. Happy Birthday Laura!

              1. What did the bumpersticker say? I missed it.

                1. Thanks for the sweet comment in my thread. It made my day.

                  1. Hey handsome. Are you surviving this sweltering summer?

                    1. I love it when you call me Sunshine...gets me all tingly.

                      1. Renaissance Fest twas splendid my lord.

                        1. That dog is so damn cute!

                          1. After reading your past few posts, I like you better than ever!Well said!

                            1. You don't even want to know how many times I've listened to my voicemail.

                              1. Happy 21st Birthday! Have a fabulous day!

                                1. Now THAT is the cutest avatar evar.

                                  1. Sorry I skipped out on you last night. It was my turn to talk to Ryan. Hope tonight is better for you darling.

                                    1. Hammered was a good way of putting it. And can I just say...TRAITOR! You're lucky I still love you.

                                      1. Happy Birthday!

                                        And, no, you're not disagreeable nor gay. (I don't think...)

                                        1. Now would I hound you? Please so unlike me.

                                          1. Did you read my newest comment from one of the nicest people you'll ever meet? He is SO nice. Hope we get to meet the world's nicest guy soon:)

                                            1. I know I'm close and our profiles don't show birthdates anymore so Happy Birthday!

                                              1. Love the name change! Fits you better.